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New trends in the development of foreign food packaging materials

the research and development of external food packaging materials in the first half of this year are moving towards multi-function, high efficiency and direction. At present, popular packaging materials include

1, high shade packaging materials, and polyvinylidene chloride, ethylene and polyvinyl alcohol are widely used

2. Oxygen absorbing packaging material is a functional packaging material integrating deoxidizer and packaging material. Europe has developed an oxygen absorbing bottle, which can keep the oxygen in the bottle at zero in the past oneortwo years

3. Fresh keeping packaging material, made of polypropylene film, is a kind of packaging film that controls air permeability. It is heat sealed on the hole of hard airtight container, which can prolong the durability of fresh fruits and vegetables by 1.5-3 times

4. Tray and fresh-keeping film with fresh-keeping function, use calcium chloride of super absorbent polymer to control water or use super absorbent polymer and activated carbon to control water and absorbed gas

5. Fresh keeping corrugated board and box Corrugated paper is made of fresh-keeping corrugated cardboard and boxes by clamping fresh-keeping film between the inner and outer liners, or pressing the inner and outer liners with fresh-keeping film and aluminized film, and mixing porous micro powder that can adsorb ethylene gas into corrugated pulp in the papermaking process Fresh fruits can be kept for one month

6. Edible and decomposable packaging materials, such as edible paper packaging materials made of soybean dregs, laminated double-layer edible films developed from cellulose, vegetable oil and beeswax, etc

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