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The birth of new detergent without fluorescent brighteners

when the detergent is deeply immersed in the suspected carcinogenic vortex of fluorescent brighteners, Beijing BangGe Fine Chemical Research Center recently launched a new detergent without fluorescent brighteners with its own intellectual property rights, abandoning the traditional covering whitening technology of adding fluorescent brighteners to the detergent, and replacing it with a new BM loaded oil return through C1 through the oil return port C technology. The unique characteristics of BMC factor are both safe and harmless, and completely solve the toxic harm of fluorescent brightener residues in traditional laundry detergent. It is reported that in the field of liquid washing products in China, BangGe is the first daily chemical enterprise to adopt BMC technology

according to the R & D personnel, BMC is a newly developed compound, which forms a high-efficiency photocatalyst system with water when washing clothes. Using solar energy as power, through the principle similar to photosynthesis, it absorbs the energy in sunlight, activates the oxygen in the air, and generates triplet oxygen. Triplet oxygen is extremely unstable and decomposes into singlet oxygen. Singlet oxygen will look for target stains and pigments. In the process of washing clothes, singlet oxygen and water-based stains on clothes occur. 7. The transmission chain of the compression testing machine should be lubricated in time. The lubricating oil should be No. 50 mechanical oil. When refueling, the testing machine can be tilted backward to make its base tilt up. Brush the chain strip at the lower part of the base with a brush dipped in oil. The oil should not be excessive, so as not to flow downward Chemical reaction to produce water-soluble oxide. When clothes are dried, singlet oxygen reacts with oil-based, fruit acid and pigment stains, decomposes stains and pigments, and completes the secondary cleaning process. BMC technology can completely remove stains, so as to achieve the effect of brighter and whiter light colored clothes and brighter and brighter colored clothes

Song Jian, a dashboard expert and senior engineer of Beijing xinghuosheng surfactant research institute, who is a senior surfactant using soft glue instead of hard glue, told that the Ministry of health order No. 8 prohibits the addition of fluorescent brighteners to food or utensils used to make food, because eating fluorescent brighteners is very harmful to human body. Many infants and even school-age children use the habit of wiping their mouths with sleeves. Under the influence of tension, irritability and other emotions, they will bite the sleeves of clothes they wear for a considerable period of time, which is equivalent to indirect consumption of fluorescent brighteners, which will lead to ADHD, eczema, emotional instability, strange behavior and loss of appetite. The State Administration of work safety classified it as "chemical poison" (Code: hx82) in the "classification table of occupational disease factors". Nanning Institute of health supervision No. 7 in 2007: fluorescent brightener is a polycyclic benzoxazole chemical, which has been proved to contain cancer risk and can cause great harm to human liver

according to the survey from Japan, fluorescent brighteners will directly enter the breast with women's close fitting clothes, leading to the occurrence of breast cancer and terrible lesions such as skin cancer. However, there are also different views that the above problems cannot determine whether the damage effect seen is caused by a single cause of fluorescent brighteners or the result of other additional factors

experts suggest that try not to use detergent and powder added with fluorescent brightener to wash infant clothes, adult underwear and intimate clothes

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