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New development direction of corrugated box multicolor color box at present, the development direction of packaging paper in China is high strength, low gram weight and multi-function; Developing medium and high-end carton products, focusing on multi-color corrugated cartons to meet the needs of cartons at home and abroad; Develop new technologies and products for honeycomb products packaging to gradually replace wood products packaging; Make full use of China's renewable natural resources, develop the paper mold (pulp molding) packaging industry with crop straw as raw materials, and replace foamed plastics to produce tableware boxes, trays and packaging products of industrial products, so as to adapt to domestic environmental governance and export

due to the low price of paper and plastic, it is easy to process, and the current development situation of the domestic plastic machinery industry of raw materials is that there are low independent innovation ability, few high-grade and personalized special varieties, and a wide range of sources. Therefore, paper and plastic packaging are widely used in daily life. However, plastic packaging materials are not easy to degrade by themselves, which will cause environmental pollution and other problems. After quantitative evaluation by international authoritative experts, paper is the green packaging material with development prospects

in the food and instrument industry, paper container packaging has largely replaced tinplate cans and aluminum cans. Among paper packaging containers, paper bags are the most widely used, so they account for the largest proportion. Grain products, such as rice and flour, are packed in paper containers. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also packed in paper bags. Even some fruits that are afraid of being pressed are first packed in paper bags and then packed in cartons. At present, the development direction of paper products in the world is that the products have the leading multi-function of Japan and South Korea in this field, such as moisture-proof, fresh-keeping, heat preservation, sterilization, corrosion prevention and other functions, so as to better protect and preserve food

In recent years, China's paper packaging has achieved rapid development, but compared with the international market, it still lags behind. There is still a need to further accelerate the pace of research and development in the performance and cost of packaging paper, paper packaging machinery and packaging technology, paper packaging container design and so on. This involves cooperation in papermaking, machinery, packaging, packaging and other industries. The development of paper packaging containers will not only bring many business opportunities, but also an inevitable trend of environmental protection

information source: Guangxi packaging

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