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Dexit Technology: new demand for domestic emergency dispatching communication

with global warming and the new international situation, there are more and more natural and human emergencies, which are more and more frequent. In recent years, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters have also shown an upward trend. On the one hand, when designing plastic molds, international geopolitical relations are tense, and international terrorist forces continue to infiltrate, causing instability factors in various countries, China cannot avoid these problems. In this new form, new requirements are put forward for various departments in China to deal with various emergencies with an average cost of no more than 30 yuan per mu. Today, with the rapid development of information technology, how to use advanced information technology to deal with various emergencies is a problem that current international mainstream emergency dispatching and command equipment providers are thinking about. In the United States, which has experienced many events such as 9/11, at present, when dealing with emergencies, it has sufficient experience and more advanced and flexible on-site emergency command and scheduling equipment to coordinate the collaborative work between various departments. At present, the command and scheduling system in China is still in the stage of traditional production scheduling system mode, which is developed from traditional switches and call centers, and is more suitable for enterprise production scheduling, For the emergency command and scheduling, the operation is more complex and the performance is not intuitive. In the implementation method, it mainly tends to single point calls rather than multi-party calls, which is completely possible in dealing with daily work scheduling, but it will not be effective when dealing with emergencies and multi department coordination, wasting valuable rescue time

in view of the actual situation of the current domestic emergency command and dispatching communication, and with reference to the functional characteristics of the international advanced professional emergency command and dispatching system, Beijing dexit Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a new on-site emergency command and dispatching system with easily damaged parts and different degrees, which is used to replace the traditional production dispatching system and provide a faster and more convenient application for emergency dispatching and commanding

dexit emergency command and dispatching system has the following functional features:

it is designed based on multi-party calls, and can quickly organize multiple groups of multi-party calls and meetings at any time.

terminals in different conference groups can be switched to other call groups at will, and ensure that calls are continuous.

communication terminals can be grouped at any time.

different call groups, conference groups The meeting can be merged and divided

flexible dense line calls can be made to the communication terminals in different call groups at any time

it can access a variety of different standard call terminals,,, venue mixer, interphone, car station, satellite, public intercom and other different equipment

compatible with analog cluster, digital cluster, 350m, 800mteatra, PDT, short wave radio The new emergency command and dispatching system can be widely used in various emergency command environments, such as rescue and disaster relief, anti-terrorism command, emergency disposal, military action, civil air defense emergency, oil exploration, power maintenance and so on. The profit space of China's emergency command enterprises has been greatly reduced by providing professional command and dispatching equipment that conforms to international standards

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