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The new deal is about to be implemented, and the automotive aftermarket is expected to realize chain operation. In 2005, China issued and implemented the measures for the implementation of automobile brand sales management, which has made the sales of new cars go through a "golden decade". At the same time, it has gradually evolved from the galloping of the automotive sales market to a dominant company. The monopoly market causes the new car manufacturing industry to lag behind, and the post market chain is difficult to form

is well known to be within ± 0.5% of the set value; China's new car sales have gone through a "golden decade". It is also well known that the document behind the new car sales in the past decade has led to a decade of common indignation in the automotive market, "measures for the implementation of automobile brand sales management"

this measure was issued by the Ministry of Commerce in September 2004. It was reviewed and approved internally by the Ministry of Commerce on December 8, 2005. It was officially issued on February 21, 2005 and implemented on April 1, 2005. It can be called a rapid document promulgation process for our government efficiency. The impact on our auto industry is so huge that it can be called subversion

looking at history from now on, if you look at the past 12 years, almost all the people who got this "chicken feather letter" at that time have become huge dividend beneficiaries of this policy. Similarly, from the perspective of industry, its impact on the industry is not too disastrous

briefly describe that period of history

in 1999, China's auto market was a free market where supply exceeded demand. At that time, only a few enterprises in the country could produce cars, such as Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW Volkswagen and DPCA

Guangzhou Honda looks at the absolute seller's market and introduces the 4S sales model: the dealer must be authorized by the OEM, choose the store location according to the requirements of the OEM, and build a store that meets the standards of the OEM. The advantages of this model are: complete monopoly controls the sales channel and prohibits competition. Manufacturers and 4S investors soon became big winners

when a huge industry has run through the high profit model (high capital investment, authorization by approval, high profit return), this model is targeted by the forces behind business. In this magical land, politics will always be the biggest winner

there was the implementation measures for automobile brand sales management, which was fully promoted and rapidly promoted by the Ministry of commerce at that time

in 2005, the manufacturer authorized more than 2000 4S stores, while there were about 30000 auto dealers registered with the industrial and commercial department

however, after the introduction of the measures for the implementation of automobile brand sales management, China's automobile sales market has gradually evolved into a dominant company. In the following ten years, Chinese 4S stores conquered cities and swept the country

the abnormal monopoly market brings high costs of buying and maintaining cars. With the awakening of the public and the collapse of interest groups, more and more information was exposed to the public. In 2014, the CIRC angrily announced the zero integer ratio ranking of some models as a typical event

this "evil law" has been strongly criticized and questioned by all sectors of the country

What have we lost after 12 years of monopoly

the monopoly market is an obstacle to innovation. I think it has at least brought the following effects to our automobile industry:

1. The lag of China's new car manufacturing industry

omit 10000 words here

2. The main reason why the post market chain has not formed

in a period of high-speed growth of new cars, the post market growth curve will generally lag five years. However, China's post market growth curve has not been growing rapidly

the main reason is that because of the monopoly effect of the 4S store system, the vast majority of new cars are produced in the hands of the huge monster 4S store. For example, from birth, it is normal to live in prison and work every day. In other words, from birth, you are told "this is your life in recent years"

the non marketization of the new car market directly leads to the non marketization of the post market. Look at how many billionaires have been born in 4S stores in the past ten years? What about the automotive aftermarket

3. The war of chaos in the spare parts industry

the formation of monopoly must be the overall monopoly of the industrial chain. In 2014, after suffering from 4S extortion, the CIRC angrily announced the zero to integer ratio ranking of some models. The zero to integer ratio of a Mercedes Benz car was as high as 1273%. A 400000 new car with parts removed could be sold for more than 5 million

see, the service life of microcomputer controlled models is longer than that of LCD digital display models. Here, do you understand

What does the promulgation of the new law bring to us?

not long ago, the Ministry of Commerce announced that the new measures for the implementation of automobile brand sales management will be officially implemented on July 1. The new measures resolutely remove the word "brand". After that, dealers do not have to obtain manufacturer authorization, which means that after 12 years of detours, they finally return to the right track

behind the long-term depression must be the joy of "turning over serfs and singing". We believe that after that, auto supermarkets, auto stores and auto stores can return to the Jianghu in a fair way. But I want to remind an industry that after experiencing this abnormal market in the period of high-speed growth, it is not a regulation that can change quickly

It can be predicted that the spring of China's automotive aftermarket will really come with the arrival of a series of policies and market conditions, such as the average vehicle age of more than 5 years, the promulgation of the new measures for the implementation of automobile brand sales management, and the secondary fee reform of automobile insurance

recall that the content of the "chicken feather letter" 12 years ago should only have four big words: chicken feather on the ground

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