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Liyang Shangshang cable: a special enterprise "inheritance ceremony"

on March 13, at the mobilization conference of "breakthrough year of major projects" and "breakthrough year of modernization pilot work" held by Liyang municipal Party committee and municipal government, Ding Zhihong, general manager of Shangshang group, received the 2019 special contribution award medal issued by xuhuaqin, Secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor. When he looked at the presenter who was about to wear the outstanding entrepreneur medal for himself, he seemed a little nervous, because the presenter was none other than his father, dingshanhua, chairman of Shangshang group

"I have received many awards, but this time I feel particularly different." Wearing the medal, shaking hands briefly, less than ten seconds of action, condensed the last decades of struggle journey. "This is golden glory, but also heavy and hope." Ding Zhihong lubricating oil antiwear performance test method (4 ball machine method); Gently rubbed the medal on his chest and said

Ding Shanhua, who returned to his seat after the award ceremony, was also a little excited: "just giving the award to my son is also a very ceremonial thing for me, according to Miao bole." Ding Shanhua sighed that the times are developing and enterprises are growing. Inheritance is not only unavoidable, but also should be promoted and promoted with all efforts. "Their generation has learned advanced management concepts. They should also inherit the hard-working spirit of the older generation and the good experience of turning 90 degrees to the left, constantly improve their professionalism and the ability to control the market, and truly make the enterprise development to a higher level and open up a new Xintiandi."

a medal connects the industrial dreams of two generations

"the road needs young people to walk, so that they can walk wider and wider." Ding Shanhua said with a smile that he hoped that the whole society would also pay more attention to young entrepreneurs, create a good atmosphere, and make new contributions to the development of Liyang while allowing enterprises to achieve inheritance

source: Liyang times

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