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Wang Guangtao, Minister of the Ministry of construction, said that during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, China will vigorously develop energy-saving buildings and green buildings and promote the construction of a resource-saving society and an environment-friendly society. Another spring is coming for China's glass film industry

at present, more than 10 million square meters of glass curtain wall buildings in China need energy-saving transformation. How to effectively reduce building energy consumption is the concern of the government and every family until the pellet is completely broken, and it is also the common concern of the world at present. Lizhen glass film effectively reduces building energy consumption. It is not only suitable for office buildings, but also for residences, schools, hospitals and other places. It is a convenient building material, which undoubtedly provides a good recipe for current environmental protection and energy conservation. The introduction of Lizhen glass film not only provides new possibilities for Chinese counterparts and industrial policy-making, but also brings a healthy and comfortable environment to consumers

glass glass film is an important film product. The glass of "Lizhen" energy-saving insulation film can block up to 85% of the solar heat energy, reduce the heat transfer from outdoor high temperature to indoor temperature, and greatly reduce the indoor refrigerating degree, so that the energy saving of air conditioning can reach 40-50% in winter and summer, 20% more than that of common glass film. It is the greatest support for the country to advocate the construction of an energy-saving society. More efficient - the barrier performance is 10% more than that of ordinary membrane. The heat insulation effect of photocatalyst glass heat insulation membrane pasted on ordinary glass is far better than that of hollow glass and ordinary membrane. It has a radiation heat insulation rate of up to 98% and a conduction heat insulation rate of nearly 92%. Special models of products can also reduce 28 dB noise. The "Lizhen" film also further improves the comfort, reduces disturbing glare, improves the efficiency of employees, and has a longer service life. The service life of ordinary glass is well-known in China. After being decelerated by the deceleration system, the precision lead screw pair drives the moving beam to rise and fall twice as much as the film. Strong ultraviolet radiation causes discoloration of articles and aging of plastic and rubber parts. The Lizhen glass film has been used for a long time, without blistering, peeling, falling off, and scratch in normal use. The application of high-tech materials makes the combination between "Lizhen" membrane molecules closer, further enhances the ductility and tensile property, and extends the service life by more than twice

Wang Guangtao said that China will vigorously carry out scientific and technological innovation to support and lead the development of the industry. We will speed up scientific and technological breakthroughs in the energy-saving transformation of existing buildings, low-energy large-scale public building technology, etc. With the support of national policies, Lizhen glass film will enter a new round of development stage

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