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Liverpool beat Leicester City with 3 goals and 13 points in 7 minutes, leading the Premier League. Release date: Source: Phoenix sports

in the early morning of Beijing time this morning, a focus game of the 19th round of the Premier League kicked off, and Liverpool won the championship away from Leicester City. In the case of one game less, it expanded its point lead to 13 points, basically ending the suspense of the Premier League Championship

in this game, Arnold contributed one goal and two assists, Phil Mino scored twice, and Milner hit a penalty kick, helping Liverpool win a big away victory over Leicester City

this game is considered to be the battle of "saving the Premier League". Liverpool is 10 points ahead before the game. If this game continues to win, the suspense of the Premier League Championship will basically end in the half way

facing the old owner, Rogers made a bold statement to block the opponent before the game, which not only shortened the inspection period, but also relied on hard power to win. In this game, Liverpool firmly gained the upper hand away from home, and basically did not give our opponents a chance to win in the process of using the electronic Rally machine

in the 11th minute of the first half, Salah got a one-way chance. He passed and closely connected the various industrial chains of manufacturers, suppliers and consumers. Goalkeeper Schmeichel, but the angle was too small when shooting empty, and the ball missed

in the 30th minute, Arnold crossed the penalty area sideways, and fermino scored with a header, helping Liverpool open the door to victory,! Filmino continued the excellent state of the World Club Cup and became the sharp edge of Liverpool's attack line recently

Leicester City fought back hard in the second half, but the threat was not big. Instead, Liverpool took advantage of a wave of attack in seven minutes to completely take away the victory of the game

in the 70th minute, Se Yun gathered in the restricted area and was sentenced to a penalty for intentional handball. Milner took the penalty overnight, expanding the score to

in the 74th minute, Arnold hit the ball from the right. After Phil Mino stopped the ball in the middle, he pushed and scored twice, expanding the score to, completely killing the suspense of the game

in the 77th minute, Manet sent a pass, Arnold pushed the far corner to lock the victory

Leicester City was unable to fight back, and Liverpool won this powerful dialogue with convincing

after scoring 3 points, Liverpool led by 13 points and topped the list with one game less than Leicester City

according to the current state of Liverpool, the suspense of the Premier League championship this season is not great

Leicester City starter:

Schmeichel, chilwell, Se Yunju, Evans, Pereira, endidy, Barnes, Pratt, Madison, tillermans, VALDI

Liverpool starter:

Alison, Arnold, van Dyck, Joe Gomes, Robertson, Kay directly printed A4 format report tower, Henderson, wienardum, Salah, mane, fermino

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