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Live broadcast with more than 300million goods! XCMG "618" means Fafa

the just passed 618 XCMG hi Shopping Festival

lifting machinery, digging 6, packaging and process performance experimental instruments (including packaging drop experimental instruments, packaging impact experimental instruments, friction and wear experimental instruments, bending experimental instruments, straightening machines, etc.); Digging machinery

loading machinery, concrete machinery

truck mounted cranes, sanitation equipment, heavy trucks, etc.

have landed in XCMG's official live studio online to bring goods

set a brilliant record of more than 300 million yuan


this 618 hi buy some companies may choose to move their factories out of the United States Festival. In order to give the majority of users the most tangible benefits and the most comfortable experience, XCMG will advance the carnival time and lengthen the front of rush buying, Enlarge the preferential intensity. Wonderful live broadcasts, rounds of product displays, interactive exchanges, and waves of huge benefits continue to hit

the advantages of taking turns to appear in multiple forums in advance are fully displayed

in addition to the traditional car talking and rush buying, during this 618 period, more interesting interactive links were grafted into XCMG live broadcast building. On June 10, XCMG hoisting machinery took the lead in attracting nearly 500000 people's attention through safety topic debate and interactive games

on June 13, XCMG sanitation equipment followed closely, and took the lead in winning traffic dividends in the sanitation industry by relying on the online promotion of XCMG's five sanitation vehicles

as 618 approaches, the carnival fever continues to rise. In the afternoon of June 16, XCMG loading King's Mid Year Carnival live room was launched on time. Liu Peng, deputy general manager of XCMG shovel and transportation machinery business department and general manager of the marketing company, was a guest in the live room, leading the goods. Many anchors were launched in turns and interacted with the audience through loader shooting, bottle cap opening challenge and other links. In two and a half hours, a total of 137500 people watched and received orders of nearly 50million yuan

focus on XCMG Juhui 618 hi fan the whole audience

in the reform of marketing mode, we have achieved such brilliant results, striving for the core competitiveness of the enterprise: products

on the day of June 18, XCMG hoisting machinery took the new product xca750 all terrain crane as the starting point, and professional celebrities shared with the audience the highlights of enterprise intelligent manufacturing, technical strength, core parts and electrical system advantages, service training system, etc., winning orders of more than 100 million yuan

entering the live broadcast room of XCMG excavation machinery, XCMG micro excavation team made a stunning debut under the dazzling lights. In combination with dynamic demonstration, real-world operating conditions, challenges and a very plug-in anchor test drive experience, it vividly displayed the product performance and was highly praised by the audience

spare parts exclusive activities, such as oil guarantee, run wonderful, drill hammer refining, pumping passion, etc., focus on needs and provide users with more choices. The whole live broadcast attracted 121200 people

in the live broadcast room of XCMG concrete machinery, the red mixer truck and XCMG V7 series 5-bridge 67m pump truck attracted a large number of viewers as soon as they were launched. The links such as 10000 yuan red envelope rain, interactive lottery, and ultra-low discount of some high-quality spare parts with no limit of less than 50% discount are full of sincerity, contributing more than 200000 visits and orders with a total value of 130 million yuan

in XCMG heavy truck live broadcast room, all online goods are discounted by 6.18%. Live broadcast for one hour, and card friends rush out of stock! 108 sets of traction moulds and 102 sets of summer driving clothes are sold. In addition, fearless journey car stickers, mixing car models, mining card car models and other peripheral products are also welcomed by card friends

in the live broadcast room of XCMG's truck mounted crane with additional accessories to expand the scope of the experiment, four main products appeared at the same time, two technical masters participated in the explanation, and the leaders of the marketing company broadcast the goods; The interactive games of Spider-Man, both large and small, were full of interest. The audience of the whole live broadcast totaled 41700, generating orders of 40million yuan

this 618 event

with excellent technology and product strength

XCMG has not only set a record of

rising delivery in the marketing reform

but also is gradually changing the inherent cognition of the public for the construction machinery industry with the vitality of continuous innovation

for the diversified development, kaiyinman technology and "yinman omnis" 5.1.2 full scene soundbar home theater appear in this ces to open a broader path

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