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LLDPE continuously broke through the resistance level

last week, Dalian LLDPE futures continued to soar sharply, continuously breaking through the yuan range and the important key main force level of 11100 yuan. From the technical point of view, there is room for rise. The impact speed of the international oil price around 80 per barrel is 0.005in/In the case of fluctuations near the US dollar, petrochemical manufacturers have raised their prices one after another, driving the market up sharply. In addition, the inventory pressure of petrochemical manufacturers is not great. Recently, the snowfall in most parts of northeast and North China will affect transportation, resulting in tight market supply. It is expected that LLDPE futures still have room to rise

in the spot market, the spot market of LLDPE continues to rise, and petrochemical manufacturers have obvious intention to push up. While PetroChina continues to raise prices, Sinopec also begins to take action. On November 13, the listing price of LLDPE of PetroChina Northeast sales company increased by 150 yuan/ton to 10850 yuan/ton, and the listing price of LLDPE of PetroChina Southwest sales company increased by 100 yuan/ton to 10950 yuan/ton. If China Stone finds loose oil, the listing price of LLDPE of East China and North China sales companies will be increased by 100 yuan/ton to 10850 yuan/ton. The listing price of LLDPE of Sinopec North China branch and South China branch has been significantly increased by 200 yuan/ton to 10850 yuan/ton. This led the market merchants to continue to increase their quotations. The highest quotation in the 7042 market was 11100 yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation in the market was between 10000 yuan/ton. However, due to the strong atmosphere of market speculation, the intention of downstream factories to accept the offer is not high, and the high price transaction is general

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