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National reading is the "ultimate goal" of the publishing industry. Please talk about the value and significance of national reading to the publishing industry

Huang Shuyuan: let the whole people read better. The value of universal reading to the publishing industry saunder selected 30% Glass Fiber Reinforced PEEK as the valve seat material of these devices. I think it is mainly reflected in the following three aspects: first, universal reading is the ultimate goal of the publishing industry. The product of the publishing industry is to meet people's reading needs. The purpose of publishing is to enable more and more people to read good books. If no one reads the products of the publishing industry, the existence of the publishing industry will lose its meaning. Universal reading is an ideal goal for the publishing industry

second, universal reading determines the value choice of the publishing industry. The reading value trend of the broad masses of the people determines the value choice of the whole publishing industry. The publishing industry should constantly meet the reading needs of the people, which is consistent with the constant meeting of the spiritual and cultural needs of the people we often mention

third, universal reading means that the publishing industry has a huge potential market. From the perspective of the market, readers are the consumers of the publishing industry, that is, the God of the publishing industry. The number of readers determines the size of the publishing market. Universal reading means that the publishing industry has a huge potential market

therefore, from these three meanings, it is not too much to attach importance to universal reading, which is the foundation of the publishing industry

Baidao: how should publishing institutions help promote national reading

Huang Shuyuan: publishing institutions should, in combination with their own actual conditions, help the whole people to read and promote from the following aspects: first, they should produce more excellent works loved by the people. Publishing excellent works by publishing institutions is the most important and valuable thing. At the same time, publishing well is also the accumulation of wisdom. The object of national reading activities is works. Without good works, the reading needs of the people can not be met, and national reading is impossible. Publishing more and better masterpieces is not only the best gift for publishing institutions to help the whole people to read and promote, but also the most important social function of publishing institutions

secondly, we should vigorously provide support for public cultural construction services. Universal reading promotion is a part of public cultural construction services. To do a good job in public cultural construction services is to make it easier for the whole people to read. In particular, we should increase support for the vast rural areas and achieve full coverage of book distribution. Publishing institutions should actively provide support for public cultural construction according to their professional characteristics. As an important political and public welfare publishing institution of the party and the state, the people's publishing house takes producing good books for the people as its founding purpose, and takes improving the capacity and level of public cultural services as its main task and goal in the new era. Since its establishment, the people's Publishing House has always shouldered the lofty historical mission: Publishing Marxist classics; Important documents of the party and the state; Popular readings of the party's line, principles and policies; Party history and Party construction works; First class academic works on politics, philosophy, economy, history, law, culture and international issues, as well as biographies of important people and reference books and teaching materials of philosophy and social sciences. It has provided rich and healthy spiritual food for the broad masses of the people

finally, we should actively carry out rich and colorful cultural activities. In order to further promote, publicize and guide the reading of the whole people, all publishing institutions should actively carry out various rich and colorful cultural activities, such as seminars on key publishing projects, new book press conferences, reader meetings, etc., promote a series of market-oriented books loved by the public, and enrich people's cultural life. Through the cultural activities that the people are willing to accept, encourage more people to participate in the operation steps of Vicat softening point testing machine and enjoy reading, and guide the people to gradually make reading a way of life

building a theoretical database

Baidao: how to use network means to provide services for the dissemination of traditional books and deep reading promotion in the mobile Internet era

Huang Shuyuan: now is indeed the era of Internet and even mobile Internet. Search engines, mobile terminals and instant messaging clients have become important means of communication. The publishing industry should first actively participate in the Internet. The Chinese Communist Party's ideological and theoretical resources database and communication project undertaken by the people's publishing house, which is also referred to as the database, is one of the high-quality services we provide by making full use of network means in the mobile Internet era. This database reflects the functional positioning and distinctive features of ideological theory, public service, standardization and authority. It mainly focuses on the contents that reflect the needs of major theoretical issues, major historical events, major strategic initiatives and important historical figures, and strives to achieve uninterrupted time and continuous filing of contents. In the next few years, it is planned to carry out systematic digital processing, development and sorting of 8. display speed sources for ideological and theoretical books, articles, audio and video, pictures, etc. published and published in the past 90 years since the founding of the party. This will not only achieve orderly storage, sustainable preservation and wide dissemination, but also provide readers with a variety of new and applicable services and improve the use value of work resources. At present, it has basically completed the digital processing of the party's ideological and theoretical core resources, built a preliminary scale of the party's ideological and theoretical communication platform, and is called a good teacher and friend for learning and research by Party and government cadres and theorists

as far as I know, many publishing houses have made many useful explorations in this regard. In the future, there will be new breakthroughs in the deep processing and all-round integration of resources, making full use of reference books, education and teaching aids, publishing, dictionaries, on-demand printing, professional search engines and other modes to provide readers with more choices and convenience. Of course, digitalization also poses certain challenges to our traditional publishing business. There is a crisis, but it is more a great opportunity for development. Our people's publishing house plans to carry out training activities related to digital publishing in the first half of the year, and we should further promote this work

theme publishing helps reading

Baidao: what are the main measures taken by this year's book fair and Book Day in terms of reading promotion and book recommendation

Huang Shuyuan: in view of the annual World Book Day and the National Book Fair held in Haikou this year, the people's publishing house still focuses on promoting new books of social sciences. At that time, our society will mainly recommend three series of new books: the first is the theme books commemorating the 120th anniversary of Mao Zedong's birth. This year marks the 120th anniversary of Mao Zedong's birthday. Our society has also launched a series of books on the theme of Mao Zedong's birthday, including a new book "looking back at Mao Zedong" by Professor Luopinghan, a famous expert in party history; There are also books such as Mao Zedong's way to success, Mao Zedong's proverbs, Mao Zedong on philosophy, and Zhou Enlai's essay review of Nankai Middle School

second, reform theme books. Reform is the biggest bonus in China, edited by Mr. gaoshangquan and written by Cheng Siwei, Li Yining, WuJingLian, Lin Yifu, etc., is a new theory on China's reform in 2013 by 19 top Chinese economists; There are * * * * * * s another blockbuster work, the record of reform, after "why China should reform and remember his father huyaobang"; There are also "why China wants to reform", "new theory on China's reform" and "the painting biography of the founding fathers of reform", and so on

third, books related to Lei Feng's spirit. It mainly introduces reading materials such as Lei Feng's spirit learning reader, contemporary Lei Feng guomingyi and charming Lei Feng

during the Hainan book market, the people's Publishing House will hold a ******** reader meeting for the record of reform and the reader meeting for kongdongmei's Mao Zedong's proverbs; On April 23, a **********************************************************************

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