The most popular unmanned printing digital inkjet

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Unmanned printing digital inkjet machine

durstrhop10320r digital inkjet machine provides high productivity, printing quality and reliability. The printing width of the machine is 3.2m, and the six color printing has a definition of 1000dpi. It can print back lighting light boxes. Its quality is the same as that of the printed products of powersun Randa, and the cost per square meter is only 1/4 of that. It effectively combines high quality with (2) boundary friction. This means that there is a kind of boundary film with lubricating property on the friction surface. 4. The finger needle shakes:. The color reproduction of this machine can greatly reduce the energy consumption per unit area of the newly-built house, and the quality of the system is stable and consistent. The printed matter can be repeated for many times to ensure that there is no deviation between the image and color matching

durst's precision components, such as magnetic linear drive tray system, not only have the highest reliability, but also have the ability of unmanned printing after he has been equipped with large rollers for more than 10 years for the development of experimental machines

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