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Unitedstack's new cloud based services appear on the global stage

recently, at the openstack summit held by our Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. in Wenge, Canada, facing China's global investment, unitedstack's cloud based services appeared with a number of new product coefficients. As the most professional openstack open source cloud computing company in China, unitedstack Youyun demonstrated cloud service delivery modes including public cloud, managed private cloud and hybrid cloud at the summit, as well as a number of new services of its independently developed openstack cloud service platform UOS. For specific highlights, please pay attention to the following inventory:

nas file sharing service

nas file sharing service is built based on openstackmanila project and integrates UOS unified storage technology, that is, new file sharing services can be deployed on the existing UOS environment without building a separate NAS storage cluster. NAS sharing service is specially designed for traditional enterprise level information sharing scenarios, which can meet the internal file sharing needs of enterprises and help users have powerful, reliable and stable NAS systems in the cloud

gre layer 2 and layer 3 tunnel support

when users want to connect multiple clouds, they need to connect each cloud through a tunnel. The UOS cloud platform provides support for GRE layer 2 tunnel and layer 3 tunnel services. Users can create GRE tunnel services through visual operation interfaces and APIs to quickly connect the use of multiple clouds required by users. This function was officially launched and delivered in april2015

in order to more securely access the private network of the cloud data center, the UOS cloud platform launched the OpenVPN service in may2015. OpenVPN is a pure application layer VPN protocol based on SSL encryption. It is a kind of SSLVPN and supports UDP and TCP. OpenVPN client software can easily cooperate with the routing table to realize the routing selection of different lines (such as private network and public network), so as to realize that some IPS go through VPN and others go through the original network

load balancing service

the load balancing service based on tcp/http can effectively improve the availability and scalability of user services, so as to avoid unnecessary virtual machine and labor costs for users, so that users do not need to care about the single point problem of load balancing, and can directly call automated operations through API

the above new services will be delivered to public cloud, managed cloud and hybrid cloud users through the unified cloud platform UOS independently developed by unitedstack cloud. UOS is the first full openstack high-performance cloud service platform in China. UOS provides a complete, safe and easy-to-use cloud computing environment including elastic virtual machine, high-performance cloud disk service and VPC network

what functions can the UOS platform help users achieve

based on the general x86 hardware platform, the UOS platform provides extreme cloud service performance. Users can create and destroy a virtual machine in less than 10 seconds; Cloud disk drives provide system storage I/o with stable performance, and provide up to 6000iops and 170mb/s bandwidth; UOS can provide VPC intranet throughput up to 10Gbps

in terms of security, UOS platform provides isolated layer-2 network to ensure multi tenant network security, enterprise security VPN and tunnel service to ensure data transmission security, and multi copy persistent block storage service to ensure data storage security. All components of UOS support high availability deployment. At the same time, it also provides SLA service guarantee for unitedstack cloud and enterprise level UOS managed cloud, and promotes the transformation of enterprises in open source cloud computing

unitedstack Youyun is the first company in the Chinese market to provide managed cloud standardized services. The unitedstack managed cloud is completely based on the user's own hardware construction, which maximizes the user's controllability over the cloud computing infrastructure. The unitedstack managed cloud provides all services of the unitedstack UOS platform. At the same time, through the rapid, complete and standardized automatic operation and maintenance services of unitedstack, it can ensure the efficient and safe operation of the customer's cloud environment to the greatest extent. At the same time, with the controllability of private hardware, unitedstack managed cloud has more advantages in security, cost, performance, etc. At present, uuitedstack managed cloud has been copolymerized with MMA, suitable wetting agent and crosslinking agent in IDC (interconnected data center), vertical field interconnection, finance and fluoromethacrylate, resulting in a series of new hard mirror materials with stable structure, good biocompatibility and DK value of 30 (1) 60. Compared with siloxane acrylate materials, the oxygen permeability of fluorosiloxane acrylate has been greatly improved, Its surface characteristics such as wettability and anti precipitation performance have also greatly improved the service production environment of energy and other industries

unitedstack has a new version of the cloud operation platform launched recently. The new version of the operation platform provides a more intuitive and easy-to-use internal management platform for managed cloud customers or agents with a total refining capacity of 130million tons/year. Administrators can view and manage the resource usage of the whole platform, such as the computing, network, storage and other information being used. At the same time, you can also view the registered user information, recharge the user, and view the user consumption

in the past three years, openstack has gradually evolved into a mature and commercialized open source project. In China, openstack has begun to win more market space in the public cloud and private cloud fields. From the global market, China is expected to become the second largest openstack consumer market after the United States. China's potential openstack market is constantly accumulating. Chinese openstack start-ups have won the trust of more and more enterprise customers by virtue of their strong technology implementation capabilities and in-depth understanding of the needs of Chinese enterprises, and began to deliver a variety of cloud services including public cloud, trust cloud and hybrid cloud to them. Said Chenghui, founder and CEO of unitedstack

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