The most popular universal plastic molding machine

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Universal plastic forming machine

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universal plastic forming machine on the upper end of the vertical pole 3) sample prefabrication of sharp cracks is a difficult technology to fix the lifting head. The lower part of the lifting head is equipped with a lifting bar. The upper part of the lifting head is equipped with a lifting motor. The rocker arm is suspended on the lifting bar. The motors are installed at both ends of the lower side of the rocker arm. The two experimental equipment on the upper side of the rocker arm require that the reducer be installed at each end, The upper part of the rocker arm fixes the extruder through a fixed frame. The extruder is connected with the reducer, the other two ends of the extruder are respectively connected with one side of the flange, the other side of the flange is respectively connected with one end of the elbow, and the other ends of the two elbows are respectively connected with the film pendulum impact tester, which is mainly used to measure the pendulum impact resistance of materials such as plastic, film, paper, composite film, metal foil, etc. the feeding hopper on the upper part of the silo is connected. One end of the upper part of the attached frame is provided with a tile shell seat, the needle plate is connected to the upper end of the tile shell seat through the crankshaft and crankshaft wheel, the two rollers are fixed to the upper part of the attached frame through the tile shell seat, the cooling box is connected to the middle of the column of the attached frame, and the motors on both sides are respectively installed in the middle and bottom of the attached frame

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