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Dongguan colleges and universities set up one million scholarships for printing students to benefit. Thank Heidelberg for providing 45000 yuan of scholarships, which made my college dream come true. On the eve of graduation, chenyanyan, a printing major in the City College of Dongguan Institute of technology, sent a letter to thank Heidelberg. It is reported that the 1.4 million yuan Heidelberg financial aid set up by Heidelberg company in Dongguan Institute of technology in the name of the company has been fully in place. 122 poor students majoring in printing in the Department of mechanical and electrical engineering have benefited and successfully completed their studies, of which 60% of the graduates are engaged in printing

it is reported that in order to encourage more students to love the printing industry and engage in printing work, in April 2007, the Department of mechanical and electrical engineering of City College signed a cooperation agreement with Heidelberg printing equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Huaxia International Investment Group. With the continuous progress of comprehensive utilization technology of waste plastics, in recent years, the processing of plastic wastes into new materials has been widely used in printing projects Agreement between the two disciplines of printing technology. Heidelberg company has invested 1.4 million yuan to set up a financial aid to subsidize the tuition fees of poor students of printing desk HR (1) 50A. Huaxia group is responsible for the internship and accommodation expenses of students. Over the past five years, Heidelberg's financial aid has supported 122 students in grade 07, grade 08 and grade 09 of the printing major

according to the students' family economic conditions and academic achievements, the mechanical and Electrical Department of the college sets the financial aid into three levels: special difficulties, difficulties and general difficulties. The first-class financial aid is 15000 yuan, the second-class financial aid is 10000 yuan and the third-class financial aid is 5000 yuan. Chenyanyan, a student of printing engineering in grade 2009, has ranked first and second in the class for three consecutive years, and has received a total of 45000 yuan in grants of 60 ~ 100hrf

the catheter plays a very important role in this kind of support

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