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If you ask which kind of decoration style is the most popular at present, it is of course the light luxury, simple and beautiful style favored by the owners! Let's take a look at the light luxury and simple beauty brought by Tiantian wooden door

if you ask which decoration style is the most popular at present, most people's first reaction must be "of course, it's Nordic style"

although the Nordic style is clean, simple, fashionable and comfortable, Xiaobian feels a little aesthetic fatigue when he sees the big white wall + log furniture in the rotten street. It's 9102. Are you sure you want to install Nordic style? Let people say out

in fact, the most popular style among owners at present is simple and beautiful. Calm atmosphere, simple and practical, add a little light luxury elements of embellishment, so that the space shows advanced and elegant. The most important thing is that the light luxury, simple and beautiful style is particularly classic and durable, and will not be out of date after living for decades! So, what are the characteristics of light luxury American style

1. The tone is simple and fresh

the tone of light luxury, simple and beautiful style abandons the dull and thick traditional American style, and is replaced by simple and fresh tones. The common colors are eggshell cyan (colder) or beige (warmer), which is hotter than the big white wall of Nordic style

2. The lines are simple and lively

in the facade design of the space, light luxury, simple and beautiful style outlines a rich level of aesthetic feeling with simple and lively lines

for the top surface design, due to the problem of the floor height of domestic houses, the traditional American complex ceiling will appear inappropriate, replaced by simple flat roof, local ceiling, etc., and at most, some gypsum lines are used to outline the top surface level

wall design, whether wall panels or gypsum lines, is a common decoration technique in light luxury American style. The simple and lively lines break the monotony of the wall, while not too complex, making people feel relaxed and comfortable

3. Soft clothes are retro and light luxury

in the collocation of soft clothes, light luxury, simple and beautiful style mostly adopts classic American elements to create a strong space culture

4. Simple and practical function

light luxury, simple and beautiful style. In terms of function, we pay special attention to simplicity and practicality, and will not overemphasize luxuriance and extravagance. In this regard, light luxury, simplicity and beauty coincide with modern people's pursuit of a simple lifestyle, so they are more and more popular. Open design and integrated design in light luxury, simplicity and beauty, proper function first

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