Even renting a house can be picturesque

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Even renting a house can be picturesque

do you want to publish anything about the rental house where a fairy lives? Although it was very neat, the water seepage from the air conditioning hole caused the dirt on the wall and the overall light was not bright enough, which made the fairy very upset. She decided to transform it

Xiao Ou asked the fairy what she thought about the transformation. She replied five words: "nothing is good!" Later, Xiao Ou introduced her to our ou Shennuo's current reformer activity, and she was also moved. Before the double 11, she had bought it. Xiao Ou didn't know whether her hands were still alive

next, it's time to witness miracles

how about the contrast? It costs only 565.2 yuan, which is like moving to a new home

it's a great idea to stick three-dimensional wall stickers on the wall, which can not only cover the place where the air conditioner seeps water, but also improve the overall grade of the room. Changing the color of the window frame to white is also the finishing touch to brighten the brightness of the whole room

finally, a romantic light string is added to the transformed wall ~ this single fairy may soon be able to harvest her love ~

all the updated items of the above transformation home, including tiles, 3D Wallpaper, light strings, sheets, chair covers, cushions, desktop stickers, geometric decorative panels on the wall, cosmetic containers, and so on, The total price is 565.2 yuan (not double 11 price)

Oushennuo ceramic tile believes that as long as you have the intention, you can create the room in your mind within the price range you can accept ~

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