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A few days ago, Mr. Song of Jiangnan Xintiandi called to consult the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network, and asked the Xiaobian to recommend several well-known Wuhan decoration companies with strong design ability. To this end, Xiaobian also collected some Southeast Asian style decoration cases made by decoration companies with very good cost performance in the community of Jiangnan Xintiandi to meet the urgent decoration needs of netizens

[design concept]: in view of the owner's love for exotic customs, the designer decided to adopt Southeast Asian style as the keynote of the overall home decoration style. First, Southeast Asian style home decoration design mostly uses natural materials to create a comfortable feeling. Second, Southeast Asian style is mostly calm lines in spatial layout and color selection, Simplicity replaces complexity to fully demonstrate the Zen and natural freshness of Asian culture

[decoration company]: wuhan carnival decoration; Half pack 75000 yuan

[space display]:

the decoration designer of wuhan carnival said that the diamond shaped wallpaper and the bedroom background wall set off each other, and the hollowed out design not only retains the sense of transparency, but also perfectly explains the charm of Southeast Asia. The royal style decorative paintings and the majesty of the dynasty have found a perfect opportunity here, which are cleverly integrated with a full sense of magnificence

the Southeast Asian bedroom above is designed with lattice wooden ceiling and exquisite crystal chandeliers, which makes people feel romantic and comfortable everywhere. The scenery outside the window where the transparent veil falls is visually simple and clean

the pointed roof raises the original vision and looks transparent and magnificent. A large area of brown furniture with black lamp rings on the white walls produced a strong visual shock. The decorative paintings with strong religious colors made the whole room produce a solemn temperament of Southeast Asia

in order to match the temperament of the ground and the overall space, the bedroom avoids using some tall furniture, and uses some low furniture, such as small tea tables and shelving stools, which widens the sense of space and adds more elegance

not only reflects the practicality of space, but also avoids the limitations of the original space. You can put more decorative pillows in the bedroom, and these pillows can also choose several colors or more. You can also choose some exquisite low furniture and put it in the corner of the wall or the corner of the sofa, which can reflect the mystery of some leisure

the screen made by hand in Southeast Asia looks more antique under the two vine lights. In terms of decoration, hang some curtain stones on the windowsill, a common method of decoration in Southeast Asia, in order to enrich the space expression. In addition, if the owner emphasizes the fragrance and charm of Southeast Asia, he can also be bold in the color of gauze curtains and cushions to highlight the style characteristics

Southeast Asian home style is relatively popular in China in recent years. It has a strong Southeast Asian tropical style. Furniture and items are mostly made of natural materials such as rattan, wood, water and grass, which has a strong visual impact

it is also a beautiful thing to decorate such a living room at home to visually satisfy your appetite for gluttony. Compared with other home decoration design styles, Hexi has a unique elegant and simple flavor. Its natural material, rational use of space, and harmonious relationship with nature are unmatched by other home styles. Creating such a living room for your home can give yourself an additional channel of communication with nature and countryside in a busy city

it is reported that the owner, Mr. Song, signed a half contract with wuhan carnival decoration at a price of about 75000 yuan. The owner is very satisfied with the Southeast Asian style home decoration designed by the designer. He also said that the exploration of decoration style was like a diversified way of thinking, adding more Zen and quiet to their house. Looking at these comfortable and natural Southeast Asian style decoration renderings above, are you moved? Do you also want to choose a cost-effective Wuhan decoration company through the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network like this owner? The simplest way is to go to Wuhan home decoration network [decoration bidding]

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