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The first fun sports meeting of Cohen appliances kicked off.

in order to further strengthen the exchange between employees, show the cooperative spirit of the majority of enterprise employees, and create a good atmosphere of unity and looking forward, Cohen appliances recently held the first fun sports meeting. This grand event, which combines competition and entertainment, fully shows the energetic, healthy and upward spiritual outlook of the majority of employees, and stimulates the enterprising spirit of the majority of employees to explore, innovate, unite and work hard. While strengthening the body and entertaining the body and mind, it also increases the communication and exchange between employees, and enhances the centripetal force and cohesion of the enterprise

there are three kinds of events in this sports meeting, namely: rope skipping competition, table tennis relay and four people and five feet. At the scene of rope skipping competition and table tennis relay, every team and staff participating in the competition worked together to cheer on each other, cheering and cheering constantly, and laughing one after another. All participating teams have fully demonstrated their organizational, executive and combat capabilities, carried forward the spirit of friendship first and competition second, cherished collective honor and worked hard. The style and level of competition have cultivated the team consciousness and cooperation spirit, and enhanced the cohesion of the company

Yu Feng, general manager of Cohen electric appliance, said: since the year-end major event activities, the company's production and sales have reached new highs over the years. In order to deliver products to customers on time with quality and quantity guaranteed, the production department has basically voluntarily given up limited rest time in the near future and worked overtime at night to catch up. The holding of this interesting sports meeting, mainly based on interesting sports, not only provides an opportunity for employees to understand each other, communicate with each other, learn from each other and promote each other, but also a major review of employees' spiritual style, competitive consciousness, team spirit, collective honor and indomitable spirit, which helps to enhance the friendship between employees and inject new vitality into Cohen's development

the last four person five foot competition will be held on the 26th, and the editor will continue to pay attention





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