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In the contemporary city with an inch of land and an inch of money, because of the size of the house or their own hobbies, it is a very popular design to place tatami in the bedroom, because it covers a small area, has multiple uses, and has powerful storage functions, which has become popular all over the world. So when we choose tatami for decoration, we will be entangled in: is there a floor under tatami? I hope this article will inspire you

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the decoration budget is sufficient, so it is recommended to shop, and the cost is slightly higher. It is convenient for later refitting, and the tatami will be removed in the future without making the floor; If the floor is not paved, the vacant position should be paved again, which will inevitably cause unsightness due to batch or color


the storage space under the tatami has an additional layer of separation from the ground, which makes it cleaner and drier to store seasonal clothes and bedding


the cement floor of the room does not have moisture resistance. If the floor under the tatami is not paved and moisture-proof treatment is not done, the floor under the tatami is easy to mildew, and the room is slightly mixed with a musty smell

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if the budget is limited, the room design scheme is planned in the early stage and the tatami space is determined, and the probability that it needs to be changed in the later stage is small; Then you can choose not to lay the floor under tatami


tatami comes with its own bottom plate. If the decoration is not changed in the later stage of the family, the ground cement leveling can be basically satisfied


if the storage is made under the tatami and the floor is not paved, the moisture-proof treatment must be done in place. Open the cover plate more for ventilation to avoid mildew


the advantage is that for families with geothermal energy at home, no floor under tatami is beneficial to heat transfer and more energy-saving

based on the comparison of advantages and disadvantages, it is recommended to lay the floor under the tatami to avoid future trouble! As for the question of which floor or tatami should be installed first, it is generally recommended to lay the floor first and then install tatami; Of course, if there is no floor under the tatami, you can also consider installing the tatami first. In this way, the calculation of the floor area will be more accurate and the fit between the floor and the tatami will be more perfect

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