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Beware of the dark curtain of decoration in floor installation. Now many families are very careful when buying a house, but the decoration after that is not taken seriously. They don't care so much about the understanding of decoration pollution or the installation of floors. Only after being savagely decorated, I regret that I didn't pay more attention at the beginning

what we often hear “ Hot weather is suitable for decoration ” The point of view is to be fabricated to safeguard the interests of the decoration company

on the one hand, hot weather can cover up the deformation of some inferior furniture

on the other hand, hot temperature can accelerate the volatilization of toxic odor and cover up the pollution hazards of floor decoration

but in fact, the volatilization period of formaldehyde is as long as 3— 10 years, in a short time “ High temperature evaporation ” It is impossible for formaldehyde to volatilize completely& ldquo; Environmental friendly materials are free from pollution ” In fact, it is also deceptive. As long as there is decoration, there will be pollution

floor installation is not so casual and simple. Before installation, floor vendors generally detect the moisture content of the floor. If the moisture content of the floor is too high, after decoration, affected by the dry climate, the moisture in the floor dries up and shrinks, and cracks will appear between pieces of floor. If the floor is decorated casually regardless of the water content of the floor, and the expansion gap is not enough during decoration, then when the climate is wet, the floor will arch and tilt back when it is damp. The back of the floor above some joists is not coated with sealing primer, and the moisture of the cement floor will diffuse, damp the floor, and also arch the floor. The decoration quality of the joist under the floor is also exquisite. The opening gear is generally within 300 mm. The barbaric decoration workers are greedy and labor-saving, and the opening gear is increased. Without the inspection of the supervisor, the floor will be slightly sunken when people step on the floor. Over time, the floor and joist will loosen and separate, which will “ Creak creak ” Make a noise

therefore, as consumers, when we decide to engage in decoration, first of all, we must find those strong brand flooring, and carefully supervise the decoration to avoid rough decoration. As the saying goes: “ Three parts of the goods, seven parts of the installation ”, If the floor is not installed properly, the harmful effect on a home decoration is undoubtedly the greatest





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