Points needing attention in printing 20 PVC labels

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Key points for attention in the printing of 20 PVC labels

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core tip: printing process is one of the important factors affecting the specification design of PVC labels. As the basic thickness of PVC used for printing is uneven and the flatness is poor, it brings many difficulties to printing. The annual consumption of plastic bottles has been growing steadily to avoid printing defects. The following points should be paid attention to

[China Packaging News] printing process is one of the important factors affecting the specification design of PVC labels. Due to the uneven basic thickness and poor flatness of the PVC substrate used for printing, it brings many difficulties to printing. In order to avoid printing defects, the following points should be paid attention to

1 Avoid lines thinner than 0.1mm

2 Avoid riding color characters (i.e. anti white characters are composed of two colors). In this case, a black edge or other color edge is added with the permission of the customer. But the width of the edge line is greater than 0.25~0.3mm

3 The line width shall not be less than 0.3mm and the color shall be extended to the middle of the line

4 When three or more colors overlap, try to change them into two colors and spot colors

5 It is better to use spot color for large-area background color to avoid printing by color separation, which is easy to cause color difference, especially blue and yellow, red and yellow

6 The minimum critical value of any color is 20%

7 The reverse white edge of the text is generally thickened to about 0.3mm

8 The depth of special green version, special purple version, pearlescent version, matte version and white version must be greater than 45 μ That is, there shall be a special ground wire M

9 For the Yellow Version, it can be added or the edges can be virtualized when necessary. For example, when yellow, red and hollowed out words or yellow and red overlap words

10 The bar code is generally perpendicular to the horizontal direction, i.e. placed vertically, to prevent deformation during contraction, resulting in unrecognizable or misreading


11 if the amplifier output voltage is unstable The bar code is generally more than 5mm from the palm edge to prevent shrinkage and deformation

12 When the white plate is expanded, the upper and lower parts can be expanded by 0.3mm, while the left and right parts can be expanded by 0.4mm

13 Try to avoid gold, silver and color anti expansion, which will give people the feeling of dirty edges

14 Avoid using gold and silver plates for transition, and the transition effect is not obvious

15 When arranging the color sequence, in addition to adhering to the principle of putting the three primary colors C, m and Y together, it should also be noted that the closer the two colors that are difficult to be colored, the better

16 All points below 10% in the electrical diagram shall be removed, because the ink of points below 10% cannot be transferred

17 When it is difficult to color, it is better not to use more than two pieces of horizontal sample plate or use the film door width not more than 600mm. When the door width of PVC film exceeds 650mm, its thickness and straightness are more difficult to control, which often leads to many defects and brings difficulties to printing

18 When printing figures, the printed substrate should be newly produced with few missing printing points, because there is no additive precipitation on the surface of the newly produced film

19 Relevant words, bar codes, marks and trademarks must comply with relevant national regulations

20 The position of effective pictures and texts is generally controlled within the tolerance of XMM under the folding diameter to avoid being covered when the palm is closed

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