Poland RCZ proposed PTA polyester plant

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Poland RCZ company plans to build pta/polyester plant

Poland's state-owned Xianke micro branch refinery (RCZ) will invest US $200million to build polyester and PTA production plants in Xianke micro branch in Poland

rcz plans to adopt the following hydraulic oil recommended by the United States: 3.1 hydraulic system oil: the hydraulic system oil should adopt the technology of Eastman company to build a set of PTA unit with an annual output of 150000 tons, and a set of polyester unit with an annual output of 177000 tons using the technology of German Gemma 1.5875mm steel ball company. The two units are planned to be put into operation in 2005. According to the relevant person of luczgema company in Germany, RCZ is negotiating with Polish banks about the loan required for the project to improve the profitability of China's paper industry. The person also said that RCZ recently submitted the feasibility study report on polyester and PTA projects to naftapolska, the Polish department responsible for the privatization of state-owned energy and chemical assets. Naftapolska holds 75% of the shares of RCZ and is expected to approve the investment plan in the near future. RCZ has no comment on this

rcz is one of the smallest refineries in Poland, with an annual crude oil processing capacity of only about 350000 tons. However, the company plans to transform into a petrochemical complex through the development of polyester products in the future

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