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May 28 Shengze chemical fiber Market - polyester filament

on May 28, polyester is a local enterprise from Linhai Yanjiang town. The silk market trading volume fell compared with Monday, but the sales of polyester FDY medium denier silk was fast and the trading was active, among which the trading volume of semi gloss fdy135d was the largest, and the prices of some FDY varieties were stagnant at 100 yuan/T. The quotation of large local direct spinning factories is basically stable, and the mainstream quotation of poy150d/144f factories is at the level of 12000 yuan/ton. The quotation of polyester POY in Tongxiang and Taicang areas is temporarily stable, the production and sales can still be leveled, and the sales trend of DTY is general. From the perspective of market variety trend, fdy50d and 54d continue to maintain the momentum of dynamic sales. Driven by the downstream warp knitted fabrics golden velvet and matte velvet, the current price of fdy54d is 13200 yuan/T; However, the trading volume of fdy63d, the mainstream market, rebounded, of which the yuan/T price of 63d has been accepted; Fdy100d/72F and 150D/96F have maintained dynamic sales in the market recently, mainly driven by the sales of spray simulated silk fabrics in the first half of the year. The sales of FDY dayouguang 50D, 75D and 108D are still acceptable. P specific to medical device industry oy75d/72F, 3 The tensile strength of plastic machine is 12800 yuan/T, which is higher than that of plastic machine at 12500 yuan/T. The conventional demand of DTY is weak; DTY black silk 75D is stronger due to less market stock, and the price is about yuan/T. it is mainly used to produce black silk lining cloth. Although the enthusiasm of downstream procurement slows down, from the perspective of polyester cost, there is a possibility that polyester prices will continue to rise slightly in the future

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