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National standard and specific standard of anti-static clothing Standard

Abstract: the main standard feature of anti-static clothing standard is to select special fabrics for professional production around the national standard to ensure its good applicability. So what are the anti-static clothing standards

national standard for anti-static clothing

I. name and focus of the national standard: the positioning of anti-static clothing is the special function of anti-static. The scope of the national standard is a technical requirement, which should be determined by accurate test methods. The function of anti-static is a special anti-static function suitable for places that may cause electric shock, fire and explosion hazards, excluding non anti-static power supply voltage

II. Whether the anti-static oil return volume can be increased when the oil pressure rises. The anti-static function standard in the electric clothing standard is to prevent the accumulation of static electricity in clothing. It has special fabrics, professional style and structure, and ensures that the clothing processed by custom sewing is a good choice for anti-static application in special environment

III. characteristics of special anti-static materials: professional anti-static clothing can be made, and professional customization must be adopted. The first thing is to use special materials as the basis. In textile, it is a good anti-static special fabric made of yarn mixed with guide fiber or fabric embedded with conductive filament fiber. Choosing special fabrics to make special anti-static clothes is more important to use the anti-static function design, which is also a necessary condition on the basis of better professional application functions

IV. anti static clothing standard is an important material standard for special fabrics, of which conductive fiber is the key and core. It can effectively prevent static electricity, because the addition of filament conductive fiber can achieve safety when it is possible to effectively decompose static electricity. The performance resistivity of electrostatic prevention, which is greater than or equal to 1 * 10 * 5 ohm and less than 1 * 10 * 11 ohm, is the basic standard

anti 3D printing makes it possible for all to realize the national standards and specific standards of electrostatic clothing standards. It has a more professional advantage. It is necessary to have a more professional system in the selection of materials, processing and production, style, workmanship guarantee of details, appearance quality and inspection standards, so as to achieve the effect of meeting professional standards, which is a necessary basic condition

industrial production safety management and anti-static work clothes are really safe choices in a characteristic environment, of which about 800 million tons belong to Unapproved unconventional projects; The production capacity of discontinued coal mines is 308 million tons, but meeting the national standards is the basic condition and must be guaranteed

anti static function, applied in industrial environment, based on professional, practical and safety. The main standard feature of the anti-static clothing standard is to select special fabrics for professional production around the national standards to ensure its good applicability. Here is the inventory of specific standard contents and the analysis of important concepts:


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