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National computer grade examination September 2003 written examination papers and answers network technology

I. multiple choice questions (1 point for each sub question, a total of 60 points)

of the following questions a), b), c) and D), only one of the four options is correct. Please scribble the correct options on the corresponding position of the answer sheet, and no score will be given on the test paper

(1) China's first dedicated line connected with the international Internet is from the Institute of high energy of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to the Linear Accelerator Center of Stanford University. It was built in

A) June 1989 b) June 1991

C) June 1993 d) June 1995

(2) the reliability of the system is usually expressed by MTBF and MTTR. The meaning of MTBF is

A) number of failures per year b) annual failure repair time

C) high precision, wide range and non gear separation with high-performance ADC skills when there is no failure d) average failure repair time

(3) the meaning of the so-called "super pipeline" technology is

A) two pipelines work at the same time

b) separate instructions and data

C) dynamic prediction branch transfer

D) detailed pipeline Increase the main frequency

(4) Pentium adopts an enhanced 64 bit data bus, which means

A) the internal bus is 32 bits, while the external bus with the memory is 64 bits

b) the internal bus is 64 bits, while the external bus with the memory is 32 bits

C) the internal bus is 32 bits, while the external bus with the output device is 64 bits

d) the internal bus is 64 bits, The external bus with the output device is 32-bit

(5) the motherboard has a variety of classification methods. According to the system bus bandwidth, it is

A) 16MB motherboard, 32MB motherboard, 64MB motherboard, etc.

b) 66MHz motherboard, 100MHz motherboard, etc.

C) SCSI motherboard, Edo motherboard, AGP motherboard, etc.

d) EISA motherboard, PCI motherboard, USB motherboard, etc.

(6) which of the following software is not a browsing software

A) Internet Explorer

b) Netscape communicator

C) lotus

d) hot Java browser

(7) in the following description of interruption, The error is

A) when the time slice arrives, it belongs to clock interrupt

b) executing privileged instructions in the target state will produce procedural interrupt

C) reducing experimental expenses, page missing interrupt belongs to voluntary interrupt

d) when the printer completes printing, it will produce input and output interrupt

(8) which of the following statements is correct about programs and processes

A) the program is dynamic and the process is static BD. check the tightness of the oil pump drive belt once a year and adjust accordingly (after opening the valve at the lower part of the control cabinet)) the program is static and the process is dynamic

C) both the program and the process are dynamic d) both the program and the process are static

(9) under the non preemptive process scheduling mode, which of the following conditions will not cause process switching

A) time slice to b) a higher priority process is ready

C) the process runs out d) the process executes P operation

(10) which of the following is not the work of page missing interrupt processing in virtual page storage management

A) transfer the required pages from external memory to memory through the file system

b) call the memory allocation program

C) modify the page table

d) schedule the interrupted program to continue to execute

(11) which of the following is the premise for the introduction of virtual storage technology

A) page storage management

b) unreasonable selection of page elimination algorithm

C) locality principle of program

d) too few physical pages allocated to the process

(12) which of the following file storage devices does not support random access of files

A) disk b) optical disc C) floppy disk d) magnetic tape

(13) which of the following is not a job done when opening a file

A) fill in the file read/write mode item in the file control block

b) check whether the file control block corresponding to the file name has been transferred into memory

C) check the legitimacy of the operation

d) return a file descriptor to the user

(14) which of the following disk scheduling algorithms reflects fairness

A) first come first served b) shortest seek time first

C) elevator algorithm d) one-way scanning

(15) assuming that the system is in the following state, the number of remaining resources of the system is 2. Which of the following process sequences is likely to deadlock

the maximum number of resources occupied by the process

A) P1, P2, P3, P4

b) P2, P3, P4, P1

C) P3, P1, P2, P4

d) P4, P3, P2, P1

(16) in order to support the transmission of various information, the computer network must have sufficient bandwidth Good service quality and perfect

A) application software b) service mechanism

C) communication mechanism d) security mechanism

(17) computers must follow the unified

A) software specification b) network protocol

C) routing algorithm d) security specification

(18) computer network topology mainly refers to the topology configuration of communication sub. Network topology affects the performance of network, and

Ⅰ. Security Ⅱ. System reliability

Ⅲ. Hierarchy Ⅳ. Communication cost

A) Ⅱ and Ⅳ b) Ⅱ and Ⅲ

C) Ⅲ and Ⅳ d) Ⅰ and Ⅱ

(19) metropolitan area is a high-speed network between wide area and local area. The goal of metropolitan area design is to meet the needs of a large number of enterprises, institutions and companies within tens of kilometers

Ⅰ. The needs of multiple computer interconnection

Ⅱ. The needs of multiple local interconnection

Ⅲ. The needs of multiple wide area interconnection

Ⅳ. The needs of multiple SDH interconnection

(20) Nyquist theorem describes the limited bandwidth The relationship between the maximum data transmission rate of noiseless channel and channel bandwidth. For binary data, if the channel bandwidth B = 3000hz, the maximum data transmission rate is

A) 300BPS b) 3000bps C) 6000bps d) 2400bps

(21) data transmission equipment of computer

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