Four principles of marketing communication effect

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Four principles for paint enterprises to do a good job in marketing communication effect

four principles for paint enterprises to do a good job in marketing communication effect

June 26, 2013

[China paint information] people always hate all kinds of salesmen who push their doors. Marketing communication is the same. In essence, consumers reject brand marketing behavior. This psychology has nothing to do with the value of products and services that brands can provide. Therefore, The contradiction between brand marketing communication and consumer exclusion forms the marketing art of shortening the distance between brand and consumption

in order to win this war, paint brands began to appear in front of consumers as much as possible through various advertisements. Merchants placed paint products in the most prominent position in the store. Even through e-commerce, consumers can buy paint products and services without leaving home. We use o2o to entice consumers into stores for consumption at attractive prices, and we can also use lbs technology, So that products and services can appear in front of consumers at any time, we also have microblogs and, from time to time, come out to tell consumers the advantages of our products and services. Many coating enterprises know how to keep pace with the times and occupy various new marketing methods, but they put on a new marketing shell, but they did not grasp the soul of marketing

the real value of marketing is not to lay the brand in front of consumers, but to print the brand in consumers' hearts. The physical distance can be infinitely shortened through the development of media and technology, but the distance between the heart will not be shortened because of the physical distance. Many paint enterprises can't get good marketing results in marketing communication, but the crux is that there is a problem in the content of marketing communication. In principle, consumers will not reject the brand's communication channels. Even if they do, they will also reject it because there are too many advertisements for a TV station or a station; The antipathy to pop-up ads on the page is also because it interferes with his site browsing; The antipathy to app advertisements and desktop push advertisements is only because it infringes on the privacy of users and affects the user experience, rather than involving the brand antipathy to advertisements. Therefore, the crux of the problem is whether your content is good enough

when social media did not appear, the importance of marketing communication content was not highlighted. The channel for coating enterprises to understand the effect of marketing communication was to look at consumer feedback through market research. Nowadays, in the era of we media, every consumer who comes into contact with the brand comes with the media. Their Weibo, Douban, SNS, etc. may make the good and bad of the brand appear on the media at any time. Is the marketing communication content pleasing, resonating with consumers, and narrowing the psychological distance of consumers? Take a look at Weibo and other social media, and the marketing communication effect is high

almost all public relations companies, advertising companies and other marketing consulting companies focus on building the distance between brands and consumers, including the establishment of popularity, recognition, loyalty and reputation, All around "narrowing the distance" "Launching, including crisis public relations, also brings closer the increasingly distant consumer relationship. The difference is that the media agency company is responsible for the physical distance with consumers, while the creative and content-based company is responsible for the psychological distance with consumers.

closing the psychological distance with consumers is not an overnight thing, and it needs to be prepared for a lasting war. Content marketing in the process of marketing communication actually has evidence to rely on, the author believes For, ”"Don't please", "don't show off", "have personality" and "be fun" are the most basic principles.

don't please

and can switch dynamically in real-time graphics in the test. Being a brand is like being a human being. A person who satisfies everyone is an untouchable God. Similarly, a brand that always wants to satisfy all consumers has never been, and can't be, and strive to be a "controversial" brand "The brand of" is the right way. When the official Weibo operates, it sells cute, pretends to be stupid, sends a soul chicken soup, and gets some forwarding and comments, but these can be easily replaced by other celebrity tuba. Consumers want to have gifts every day, but what help is it to the brand to please consumers in this way? What if melatonin stops playing that advertisement because consumers hate it, and Will there be subsequent success

don't show off

showing off requires showing off capital, but most of the competition in the market is homogeneous competition. Unless it is disruptive innovation, the result of showing off is to raise the expectations of consumers. Once the products provided by coating enterprises fail to meet the expectations, it will cause a lot of negative emotions of consumers. The launch of iphone5 is a typical example, When all fruit fans are looking forward to "once again, change the world" "At that time, the once boasting failed this time, and the newly launched products did not improve by leaps and bounds in experience, resulting in the decline of Apple's share price of 25% and the evaporation of its market value of more than $100 billion. In addition, Nongfu mountain spring has repeatedly emphasized its water source. In the era of social media, friends often have doubts about its water source geology, and some disturbances will break out. The spread of water source has made Nongfu mountain spring, which also makes Nongfu mountain spring bear too much burden There are many negative crises, and the test accuracy is high. It can be said that "Chengye water source, Wasteland ", the flaunting of water source places has buried hidden dangers for the future growth of Nongfu Shanquan brand, and too much flaunting has cast a shadow on the future of the brand.

having personality

personality is the soul of content marketing. No consumer is willing to talk to cold machines. Any brand should be personified in the era of social media, because you are only one of the consumer fans, and don't distance yourself from consumers just because you are a corporate brand Leave. The microblog "Tianjin Haichang polar bear marketing sister" is a good example. The microblog portrays itself as a cute little polar bear to flirt with fans, making consumers feel that they are talking to the little polar bear sister, which has aroused the curiosity and onlookers of many fans and attracted more fans' attention. At the same time, it has also been reprinted by more than 100 million Weibo big V's such as Suning e-buy and Baidu, And finally into the actual traffic, from the launch of Weibo, the traffic of Tianjin Polar Aquarium soared by 150% in just a month, and many people came here through Weibo. Distinctive personality is undoubtedly the wall brick to attract consumers, and it is also the soul of content marketing

be fun

everyone is busy. If it's not fun, consumers won't play with you. At any time, it is absolutely right to attract the attention of consumers. Brands playing social marketing must find a person and team who loves life and has humor to maintain Weibo. Only they can find the joy of consumers. Social media channels of enterprises must not use it as a sales tool or a display tool of products and services. Social media is more about promoting values and brand culture, On this basis, humor, topics and interaction can be liked and favored by consumers. When you really need to promote your products and services, consumers will pay the bill

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