Four principles for building mini control center

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Four principles for creating mini control center

do you want a mini computer control center? that 's ok! Via's EPIA series motherboard can help you build. Because the products of via accord with the four principles of mini computer control center

principle 1: small size

as the name suggests, the computer control center of mini must be a computer control center with more ordinary size, which is a large part smaller in shape. As the core part of building a computer host, the size of the motherboard directly determines the size of the mini control center. Only with a mini motherboard can we fundamentally reduce the size. Among the EPIA series motherboards of via, the smallest size is only 12cm × 12cm。 Make good use of this size advantage, and it can be completely and dynamically switched in real-time graphics during the test, which can create a computer host the size of a CD box

principle 2: low power consumption

no matter from that point of view, low power consumption is not a bad thing. As for the application environment of the mini control center, it may be in the car, in the unattended industrial environment, or in some field environments. As a control center, if it is a large power consumer around orthopedics and implants, it will naturally reduce the use time and bring great trouble. Moreover, high power consumption will also lead to a large increase in calorific value, causing system instability. The maximum power consumption of via's EPIA motherboard and Eden's CPU is only 27W, which is only more than ten watts in normal operation, and can fully meet the requirements of long-term operation

principle 3: Mute

if you constantly have buzzing noise when listening to music in the car, if you add another noisy thing in the control center of a factory, do you want to be unwilling? Then, the third principle of mini control center is to mute. Via's EPIA motherboard uses via's C3 or Eden's CPU, which is famous for its low calorific value. Basically, it can maintain stable operation without installing a cooling fan. In this way, the main noise source of the computer host is gone. With a quiet world, let your mini control center run quietly without being known

Principle 4: standardization

as the saying goes, nothing can be achieved without rules. In the computer world, x86 system is now the general rule in the world of 0 and 1. Via's EPIA motherboard is based on the x86 system. It can run Windows systems and common systems on X86 architectures such as Linux. In terms of motherboard interfaces, USB2.0, IDE, DDR, PCI, etc. are all computer standard interfaces we are in daily contact with. In this way, when we build the mini control center, we don't need to consider the problem of scalability. If necessary, there is a 2mm deep gap in the middle, and there are appropriate accessories that can expand the hardware at any time. Standardization also makes it easy for designers to design embedded application systems, and can better play the core control role of the control center

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about via electronics

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