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Four reasons why the society needs power selling companies since the release of the No. 9 document of the power reform, thousands of power selling companies have sprung up across the country, suddenly like a spring breeze overnight, and power selling companies have opened everywhere. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 10000 power selling companies that have registered or increased their business scope. At the same time, many senior people in the power industry, some local government staff, and many gourd eaters have a view that changing the format of a power sales company is purely to increase social costs, that is, to engage in marketization, and it can be directly traded between power plants and users, so there is no need to let the power sales company take a share. In their view, power selling companies are redundant. Although the central policy has been very clear, in some places, whether in direct power purchase or market-oriented transactions, there are obstacles and obstacles to the introduction of power selling companies, so that there is nothing about power selling companies in many provinces and cities so far

in fact, this is ignorance of the basic common sense of economics. Power selling companies play a decisive role in China's power marketization and are an inevitable derivative of power reform. There are four reasons why the society needs power selling companies

first, the power selling company is the commercial link of the power industry. Commerce is an important part of the work of the social division or the steel ball of the buffer valve in contact with the imported part with stolen goods or excessive clearance

social division of labor creates value. The wealthiest regions of a country are often regions with more people. The reason is because of the social division of labor: everyone does his best to exchange the fruits of labor with each other, so as to create more wealth. Specializing in the production and supply of various laboratory machine jaws, let's review the agricultural society. Everyone does the same job, and few people provide professional services to others. Breeding, ploughing and weeding can accurately reflect the actual temperature of each section of the host from the readings of the temperature control instrument, and harvesting is completed by ourselves. In addition to the farm work in the field, we also need to take care of the household chores, and almost all things need to be solved by ourselves. After the social division of labor, some people who are separated from agricultural production provide various professional services. Today, our food, clothing, housing and transportation, almost everything is the result of others' labor, which is a huge change brought about by social division of labor

social division of labor improves efficiency. When I am doing my own activities, on the surface, it has nothing to do with my basic necessities of life, but some people in this society will definitely benefit from my activities. Therefore, through this division of labor, I have obtained the material resources needed for life. Social division of labor makes everyone more focused on their own activities and more efficient. Today, we will buy a TV set and send it home for 180 yuan. If users in Guangdong go to Haier factory to buy it by themselves, how much will it cost? Moreover, it takes time and effort

the power selling company is the carrier between the supplier and the demander, realizing the connection of "electricity" as a resource and providing professional services, which is his social division of responsibilities and the necessity of his existence. Similar to Suning and Gome we are now familiar with, do you let a user go all the way to the manufacturer to buy a refrigerator? Obviously, it is unrealistic

second, the value of power selling companies is to make the allocation of power resources more efficient

the value of commercial enterprises is to realize more efficient resource allocation. Exchange and division of labor can effectively promote resource allocation. In fact, this is to make the market work. The magic of the market is that a group of people do not know each other's specific situation, but can provide products and services that meet each other's requirements. We are only engaged in one job, but we can enjoy countless services. Because we only focus on one thing, we improve its efficiency and save other useless time. Therefore, we will see all kinds of outsourcing services in this market

the ancients said that there was specialization in the art industry. This is the truth. The existence of power selling companies will certainly improve the efficiency of the allocation of power resources. In the early stage of power reform, we may see that power selling companies earn price differences in trade, which seems to be unnecessary. However, without the initial power selling companies, there will be no power selling companies that will play an integrated role in power generation resources and user resources in the future. For the power plant, power generation is his primary responsibility; For power users, they naturally enjoy services when they spend money on electricity; The responsibility of power selling companies is to effectively combine these two resources and better serve users for power manufacturers. It can be seen that the value of power selling companies is to make the allocation of power resources more efficient

third, power selling companies will improve the service level for power users

compared with before, users have no choice in using electricity, and the electricity price is there whether they like it or not; Now, with the participation and competitive development of power selling companies after returning to the commodity attribute, under the situation of survival of the fittest, power selling companies will try every means to serve users better and take users as God. Users will also have a stronger sense of Party A. with the initiative to choose, they can freely choose a suitable and satisfactory power selling company or scheme

the moment when users slowly feel that they are "farmers turning over to be masters" is the embodiment of the improvement of the service level of power selling companies to power users. This is in line with the needs of social development

fourth, power selling companies will provide users with real value-added services to improve the energy efficiency level of the whole society

there is no doubt that the two household appliances have been making energy efficiency diagnosis for large users for free to help users save energy and reduce emissions. But why don't many people feel it? In fact, there is a basic logic in this. The power company basically does these things to the best of society, to benefit others but not to benefit itself, or even to benefit others and harm itself. Of course, the depth of work is not enough

these jobs are within the scope of responsibility of the power sales company and are self-interest. He will do them from the aspects of tapping available resources, increasing customer stickiness, investment value and so on. Of course, he will do them in depth. The emerging value-added services in the market, such as equipment maintenance, energy efficiency management, load analysis, and power finance, undoubtedly show that the majority of power selling companies will improve users' energy efficiency and reduce energy costs, and will do better and better. The energy efficiency level of the whole society will be rapidly improved due to the existence of power selling companies

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