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Four "precision" principles of construction project management

first, careful calculation

the profits of engineering projects mainly come from two aspects: first, reduce management costs; Second, shorten the construction period. All kinds of foreseeable or unforeseen risks in the construction process are always accompanied, such as the arrival of construction funds lags behind the construction progress, the supply of materials cannot keep up, the rise of prices, the tightening of macroeconomic policies, and the occurrence of various bidding and reception expenses. These will increase the management cost or prolong the construction period. The author believes that to effectively avoid risks, we need to be careful

first, actuarial expenses. The project department is a relatively independent business entity responsible for its own profits and losses to a certain extent. At the initial stage of the establishment of each project department, in addition to the company preparing corresponding engineering and financial budgets for it, each project department should organize and personally participate in the project manager's team to achieve the survival of the fittest in the market, combined with experience and local reality at that time, not only considering the established amount, but also fully combining with the market, arranging funds for various unforeseen expenditures, and formulating its own budgets. Strictly control the extra budgetary expenditure. We should know well in advance, control things in place, and calculate accounts after the event. Completely change the situation of settling accounts after autumn and robbing the east to make up the West. The budget preparation of the project department shall be within the budget preparation of the company. When it exceeds the limit, appropriate adjustment shall be made

second, actuarial duration. As the saying goes, "if you think, you will always be ready, and if you are prepared, you will be prepared.". Generally, on the one hand, it can also improve the efficiency of solar cells and reduce the cost. Various factors affecting the construction period are uncontrollable. Although some can still be predicted, for example, tight macroeconomic policies will make it difficult to get funds in place, we are unable to do anything in the face of this risk. Actuarial duration is mainly to improve predictability, so that when various risks really occur, it is easy to make other plans and find other ways out, so as not to be passive. To estimate the construction period, we must consider three situations: one is the construction period in the ideal state. That is, how long is the construction period when we assume that no risks will occur in the future, and how much ahead of the promised construction period; The second is the construction period under normal conditions. That is, according to the normal prediction, the most likely risk in the construction process, how long is the construction period after the rescue by adopting corresponding measures and countermeasures, and what is the estimated cost at this time; The third is the construction period under the worst condition. That is, the impact on the construction period when various normal and abnormal risks occur. Each risk should be estimated according to the actual situation, and the weight should be determined to sort, and then the construction period and cost should be calculated. The last thing to do is to base on the worst, expect the best, and ensure normal

second, careful organization

what is the core competitiveness of enterprises? Some say it's talent, some say it's technology, and others say it's innovation. In fact, these are only the necessary elements of core competitiveness, not directly expressed as competitiveness. First class enterprises use third rate people to do second rate things to earn first-class money, and third rate enterprises use first-rate people to do second rate things to earn third rate money. Different ways of organizing resources lead to differences in competitiveness. Obviously, organizational power is the core competitiveness of an enterprise. That is to creatively organize all kinds of resources in the most appropriate time and space to achieve the goal of minimum investment and maximum benefit. Pursue one plus one greater than two, rather than five plus five less than ten. It is directly manifested in "unique one upmanship technology, management mode and business skills" (Michael Hammer). Of course, the human factor is the most critical in this process

as the source of enterprise value and the center of cost, in addition to strengthening budget control, reasonable organization and careful construction of the project department have become the key to control costs and improve profit margins. Our principle should be "zero marginal productivity", that is, how many things, how many people feed. According to the experience and actual situation, the staffing of the project department is determined based on the project scale. The staffing of the project department is based on the principle of complete function and efficient operation, reducing management levels, enriching front-line forces, reducing full-time management personnel, and implementing first-level management and division of labor (professional or project) responsibility. Everyone has something to do and the workload is full. According to the construction progress, the operators shall be dynamically managed, and the personnel shall be timely arranged to enter and leave the site. The procurement, leasing, use and maintenance of materials and machinery shall be arranged according to the progress of the project, so as to ensure the utilization rate of materials and machinery, avoid waste, ensure the operation of materials and machinery in place at one time, reduce transit and save costs

III. sincere cooperation

Jack Welch said: cooperation has no boundaries. Today's world is not only an era of fierce competition, but also an era of cooperative globalization. Cooperation should break departmental boundaries, professional boundaries and level boundaries, and create conditions to remove all kinds of communication barriers. Externally, we should actively cooperate with the owner to meet the owner's requirements, satisfy the owner and establish a good image; Actively cooperate with the supervision unit to do a good job in safety prevention, ensure the quality of project construction, and strengthen the construction of civilized construction sites; We should actively cooperate with the local government and the masses, understand local policies and regulations, be familiar with people's conditions and customs, and strive to obtain the support of the government and the masses. Internally, first of all, there should be a clear division of labor, according to the job, according to the job, able to carry out strong data analysis and processing; Adopt the principle of electro-hydraulic proportional microcomputer control system, microcomputer automatic control, microcomputer display, appropriate personnel and posts, and do their best to achieve their respective responsibilities and efficient operation. On this basis, employees should be actively encouraged and arranged to properly participate in other work, work together, improve work efficiency, and reward individuals and "teams" who cooperate effectively

As we all know, the advantages of an enterprise can usually be divided into cost advantages, product advantages and brand advantages. At present, the construction cost of construction enterprises, especially railway construction enterprises, is more than 90%, which has no advantage. The difference of construction products is getting smaller and smaller. For example, no matter which construction enterprise, as long as it makes houses, roads, railways and bridges according to the design drawings, there is no big difference. We can only find a breakthrough in the brand. Brand is the image or symbol of the product in the owner's heart, which reflects the owner's trust and loyalty to the product and enterprise. The construction enterprise brand is accumulated by Seiko carving every engineering project. There are many award-winning high-quality and technical projects with a certain reputation, and the owners naturally tend to hand over the project to you. We should adhere to the principle of "satisfying the owner and creating a high-quality project". No matter it is a large project or a small project, we should make it a high-quality project when we get it. We should not only pay attention to reliable quality, but also pay attention to the beauty of appearance, which is even more perfect and scientific than the design consideration (of course, on the premise that the cost allows), and pay attention to the unity of functional beauty and formal beauty. Secondly, the construction enterprise brand is also an extension of the design brand to a certain extent. A good construction product is just the formation of design ideas. Conversely, the design brand determines the construction brand to a certain extent. The two complement each other. A construction enterprise should cooperate well with the design unit. (end)

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