Four problems of the hottest door and window decor

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Four problems of door and window decoration

in home decoration, the installation of doors and windows is mistaken for a simple job by many people, but who knows that improper installation will cause many problems. Let's take a look at several problems and solutions often encountered when installing doors and windows! Hope to be helpful to friends who are decorating

first, the doors and windows are not tightly closed

phenomenon: when we push and pull or open and close the doors and windows, the door and window frames shake, and the shaking is more severe in rainy weather

reasons for this phenomenon: 1. The profile we are choosing does not meet the specifications, with small section and insufficient strength. If it is aluminum alloy doors and windows, it is because the prevention of materials does not meet the requirements. If plastic steel doors and windows are installed at home, it is unqualified in quality selection. 2. The lining steel configuration of plastic steel doors and windows does not meet our use standards. (generally, the steel lining should be 1.20, because many owners do not understand, many businesses use this to install unqualified ones to owners.) the steel wall is thin and the strength is poor; When installing, the lining steel is inserted in sections, which cannot form an overall strengthening effect; Poor connection between lining steel and plastic profile. 3. The installation node is not done as required. 4. No reasonable fixing method is adopted according to different walls

solution: 1. When purchasing door and window frame types, we should pay attention to the specification and quantity in line with national standards. The wall thickness of the outer frame of aluminum alloy profile shall not be less than 2.4mm. The thickness of plastic steel window material shall not be less than 2.5mm. 2. Pay attention to the appearance of plastic profiles. Qualified profiles should be cyan white or ivory white, clean and smooth. If the quality is good, there will be protective film. 3. Select the profile section according to the door and window opening size and installation height. The casement window is not less than 55 series, and the sliding window is not less than 75 series. 4. Install in strict accordance with the specifications to ensure firmness and stability. It is best to find a person who knows better at the moment to help supervise during installation

II. Leakage of doors and windows

phenomenon: 1. Leakage at the connection between door and window frames and surrounding walls. 2. When encountering rainy weather, the water in the sliding groove under the sliding window seeps into the window

reasons for this phenomenon: 1. The door and window frames and walls are not caulked with cement mortar. 2. The glue injection between the door and window frames and the wall is not tight, and there is a gap. 3. The quality of doors and windows is unqualified, and the combination between window frame and window sash is not strict. 4. The installation of window sash sealing strip is unqualified, and water seeps into the window sash glass seam. 5. There is no drainage hole in the window frame

solution: 1. Cement mortar cannot be used for caulking between door and window frames and walls, but elastic connection should be used, and sealant should be used for caulking and sealing, and no gap should be left. 2. Before installation, check whether the door and window specifications are qualified, whether the connection between the window frame and the window sash is tight, and whether the installation of the window sash sealing strip meets the requirements. 3. There should be a gap of more than 50mm between the window frame and the hole, so that the windowsill can be used as a water slope, so as not to cause water accumulation. 4. Drainage holes shall be drilled in the lower frame of the outer frame and the root of the track

III. The phenomenon of color difference of doors and windows: the color of adjacent doors and windows or window frames is inconsistent with that of the leaves when they are made, resulting in color difference

the reason for this phenomenon: the materials are not products of the same factory, but also have the hardness, strength and rigidity of similar metals, or are not the same batch of products, or products with different material grades

solution: she said: every time you buy vegetables, you use so many bags. 1. When choosing profiles, you should use products from the same manufacturer and buy enough materials at one time. 2. Pay attention to the color of ingredients before installation to avoid large color difference

IV. basic requirements

in the process of installing doors and windows, we should strictly supervise the horizontal and vertical correction of doors and windows. The space between the window frame and the wall must be filled with styrofoam, and the inner and outer sides of the window frame must be sealed with silicone copper glue or sealant to prevent water seepage. After installation, remember to remove the protective film, otherwise the service life of doors and windows will be reduced. The most important thing is to check whether the lap length of the window sash contained in the window frame meets the standard requirements after installing the window sash. If there are quality problems, 5 Working wheel stroke: 20mm must be reworked to avoid potential safety hazards

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