Four plans for the hottest smart home

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Four plans for smart home

smart home is a relatively broad concept, which should be classified and planned according to different family needs in specific applications

four plans for smart home

① first design and configure the following subsystems: home wiring system, home local area network and broadband, communication system, home office system, visual experimental force loading instant landing intercom (doorbell) system, intelligent policy support is a beneficial guarantee for the development of recycled plastic granulator light control, home security system, home entertainment system

② design and configure intelligent subsystems installed in combination with the community: community alarm system (home alarm point or interface), three meter CC system, community property management system, community broadband value-added services (education, online games, VOD, shopping, etc.)

③ users who are qualified or have a better understanding of the products of each subsystem can choose the home control host

④ other household intelligent equipment and products that can be installed: household central air conditioning, integrated kitchen and bathroom products, environmental control products

generic cabling: the core of intelligent decoration

the following three conditions must be met to realize smart home: 1 With home network bus system; 2. Be able to provide various service functions through this network (bus) system; 3. It can be connected with the outside of the house. Therefore, the core of home intelligent decoration is home generic cabling system

generic cabling is the premise of realizing family personalization. Experts believe that the design should be practical and appropriately advanced. When selecting information points and cables, you must have a forward-looking vision. For example, there should be more emergency call information points at home, so that you can be prepared; The kitchen should be equipped with more Co, gas and other probes; The master bedroom should be equipped with more than 6 sockets, such as data broadband, AV, voice, fax, VOD, security and so on. As for electrical products, they can be increased or decreased, adjusted and replaced at any time

the construction method of generic cabling is basically similar to the concealed works in the concealed wall of wires at home. Generally speaking, the material cost of economical smart home generic cabling is about 60 yuan/square meter. At present, the laying cost of projects such as, TV and broadband in newly-built houses is about 1500 yuan/household. The working materials of handheld laser rangefinders on the market mainly include the following: semiconductor lasers with working wavelengths of 905 nm and 1540 nm. Smart home decoration only increases the cost of distribution boxes, some category 5 lines, AV lines and necessary electrical products on this basis

lighting has ready-made control system sales

popularly understand the concept of intelligent lighting: you can turn on a light anywhere in your home, and you can also control any electric light in your home in one place. Its control object can be set and changed arbitrarily, and complex network operation functions such as full open and full close, scene setting, multi control switch, etc. can be easily realized

when you are ready to enjoy the TV program, the curtain will automatically close as the TV is opened, and the light in the room will gradually adjust to the most suitable level for watching TV... Or, on your way home, automatically start the air conditioner in advance for you, adjust the indoor temperature to the appropriate level, and turn on the ventilation device; Adjust the indoor light; Heat your pre prepared food in the microwave oven, and perhaps prepare a cup of hot milk for you...

there is a ready-made control system in the market that can be bought and used. It does not need wiring, plug and play, just replace the ordinary switch with an intelligent module switch. Any controller can control any or all lights in the home, and the remote controller can be handy, and the signal is not blocked by the wall

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