Four people were sentenced for printing more than

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Four people were sentenced for printing more than 10000 pirated books in two printing plants in Beijing

the man Zhu, knowing that the state expressly prohibits all kinds of piracy, still found two private printing plants to print more than 10000 pirated books for him. In addition, Zhu also bought more than 6000 pirated books for sale. On September 28, the Daxing court learned that the acts of Zhu and the three principals of the two printing plants constituted a crime of copyright infringement and were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from three years and six months to two years and eight months respectively

Zhu is engaged in book sales in Beijing, but in order to seek profits, Zhu has a crooked heart of piracy. Zhu first found Cao and Zhang, who were in charge of a printing factory. Without the permission of the author, Cao's printing house printed 8000 copies of the "national qualification training course psychological counselor" series of teaching aids for Zhu. After these books were printed, Zhu stored these pirated books in a warehouse in an industrial zone in Daxing District. On the administrative wall of the municipal cultural market, the hollow structure law Corps seized this warehouse and seized 7684 pirated books that had not yet been sold. All of them were illegal publications after being identified by the municipal Publishing Bureau

just before being seized, Zhu also found Zhen, the person in charge of a printing plant, and printed 15000 copies of a certain current affairs book through his printing plant (Note: this batch of pirated books is the guidance reader of the report of the 18th CPC National Congress). Zhen finally delivered 14735 copies. In addition, Zhu also purchased more than 6000 other pirated books from other places and stored them in this warehouse in Daxing District for high temperature utilization. The above pirated books were seized and confiscated by law enforcement departments on the spot, and were also identified as illegal publications

the Daxing court held that the acts of Zhu and Cao have constituted the crime of copyright infringement, and the circumstances are particularly serious, which should be punished according to law. According to the circumstances and specific circumstances of the case, Cao was sentenced to three years and six months in prison in the first trial, Zhen was sentenced to three years and four months in prison, and Zhang was sentenced to a considerable increase in the demand for various plastic building materials such as plastic pipes, doors and windows, high-molecular waterproof materials, decoration materials, thermal insulation materials and other plastic building materials. A certain fixed-term imprisonment of three years and two months, and Zhu was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison. (Editor: Wang Yang)

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