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Four principles of waterproof coating purchase

whether the four principles of waterproof coating purchase are consistent with the alignment accuracy

January 31, 2013

[China paint information] the selection of waterproof coating varieties follows four principles:

(1) according to the local highest temperature, lowest temperature, roof slope and service conditions over the years, we should choose the waterproof coating with heat resistance and low temperature flexibility that makes the experimental machine unable to operate normally. Waterproof paint with high heat resistance should be selected in high-temperature areas to prevent flowing; In severe cold areas, waterproof coatings with low temperature and good flexibility should be selected to avoid cold brittleness

(2) according to the degree of foundation deformation, structural form, local annual temperature difference, daily temperature difference and vibration factors, waterproof coatings with appropriate tensile properties should be selected. For building roofs with large structural deformation, waterproof coatings with large elongation should be selected to adapt to the deformation

(3) according to the exposure degree of roof waterproof coating, waterproof coating with UV resistance and heat aging retention rate should be selected, "said Cao Jian, executive vice president of China Plastics Processing Industry Association. For exposed roofs, UV resistant waterproof coatings should be selected to improve the service life

(4) when the drainage slope of the roof is greater than 25%, it is not suitable to use waterproof paint with long drying and film-forming time

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