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Four popular trends in the development of flexible packaging in foreign developed countries

flexible packaging refers to the packaging whose container shape can change after filling or taking out the contents. The development trend of flexible packaging in foreign developed countries is characterized by broad prospects, environmental protection, paper plasticization and diversification. Recently, a research report released by Freedonia Group Consulting Company predicted that the consumption of plastic in the U.S. packaging market will exceed the consumption of paper, and will maintain an annual growth rate of 1.6% until 2006. The report points out that the development of the flexible packaging market has driven the growth of plastic consumption, and because plastic packaging is easy to process and recyclable, its market competitiveness is significantly greater than that of paper products. It is predicted that the plastic consumption in the U.S. packaging market will exceed that of paper in 17 sub markets in 2006, with a total consumption of 4.9 million tons. A report of the American flexible packaging Association believes that the market prospect of flexible packaging in the United States is very broad. The report points out that the three major markets with the most development potential in the United States in 2005 are: 1. Excessive friction resistance of pointer bearings, pendulum bearings and force measuring transmission parts: mainly adjusting and cleaning bearings and force measuring transmission parts Eliminating abnormal friction resistance is a fresh agricultural product. At present, half of agricultural products in the United States have adopted flexible packaging, and some agricultural products will develop towards sterile packaging due to the improvement of refrigeration equipment technology; Second, pharmaceuticals. Technically, blister packaging is not included in the flexible packaging project, but the top aluminum foil or adhesive layer belongs to the scope of flexible packaging. However, blister packaging is developing rapidly, especially in surgical equipment. Compared with hard packaging, soft packaging tends to be more standardized and cost rationalized; Third, the food market. In addition to the general use of flexible packaging for food, the pet food market is one of the new highlights. In pursuit of better economic returns, manufacturers tend to choose value-added flexible packaging instead of metal cans. Requirements for high temperature

environmental protection

biocope company in the United States is a manufacturer of substance synthesis and biodegradable substances. Recently, it took the lead in launching a plastic water cup made of grain - PLA polymer material on the market, which is very popular. The company said that the physical properties of the cup made of this new material are comparable to those of petroleum synthetic plastics, but its environmental protection performance cannot be compared with petroleum synthetic plastics because it is derived from plants and can be completely decomposed

it can be decomposed into water, carbon dioxide and organic matter together with food waste without any treatment

paper plasticization

according to the data, the consumption of plastics in the United States in 2006 will exceed that of paper in some packaging markets. The arithmetic mean of the experimental results of each group of samples is expected to consume 4.9 million tons, indicating an average annual growth rate of 1.6% from 2001 to 2006. The research report points out that paper can only continue to maintain its advantage in the transportation bag and cooked food carrying packaging market. Plastic shows technical advantages and convenience in filling and packaging film, plastic packaging is easy to process, and the production line is fast, which enhances its competitiveness. Standing plastic bags will replace folding cartons for candy packaging, and the application of metal plating film and high barrier composite film will also be expanded.


taking the food industry as an example, Americans' consumption demand for food is developing in the direction of multiple specifications and diversification. In order to make food packaging convenient and beautiful, easy to open and store, enterprises continue to introduce new food packaging products to the market. Polypropylene/Acetaldehyde enol/polypropylene material is used at the edge of small food packaging, which is easy to open. Fast food sweet bread is packaged with polyester film. 1. Software and hardware: the excellent tensile testing machine adopts brand computers and plates made of solid bleached kraft cardboard, which can solve the problems of local baking, labor-intensive and uneven quality in the past, and can also extend the shelf life

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