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Introduction to pumping unit economizer technology


pumping unit economizer technology began to be developed and applied in China in the early 1980s. Its most typical application is in the field of energy saving of oil field pumping units. In developed countries, the popularization rate of pumping unit economizers in oil field pumping units has reached more than 80%. According to statistics, the energy consumption per dollar of GDP in France is 8.719kj, that in Japan is 9.797kj, while that in China is as high as 43.394kj. According to the survey meeting of the Japan Science and technology resources agency, if Japan adopts the economizer of pumping units nationwide, it can save 1% of Japan's total power, and then completely lock the black knob by 0%

in 1996, the Department of conservation and comprehensive utilization of the State Economic and Trade Commission organized more than 20 domestic experts to compile the guide for energy-saving transformation of fans and pumps. In July 2000, the State Planning Commission also organized energy-saving institutions in Shanghai and Jiangsu provinces to promote energy-saving technology of pumping units. In the past two years, the application of pumping unit economizer industry and other fields has achieved power-saving benefits, and pumping unit economizer has entered a new era of rapid development and popularization in China

at present, oil field pumping units are the most important power consumption equipment in China, accounting for about 50% of the overall power consumption of enterprises, and the proportion of electricity charges in operating costs is about%. Therefore, how to save and calculate the average electric energy, reduce costs and improve the competitiveness of enterprises is a special concern of every entrepreneur

brief introduction of pumping unit economizer

pumping unit economizer is the latest achievement of intelligent control of oil field pumping units, which has been applied in many oil fields in the world at present. The main components of the controller are imported from Germany. Our company introduces the world's most advanced microelectronic control technology in combination with the actual domestic use, and introduces a new generation of high-tech products after the secondary development of software and hardware

★ automatic energy optimization control

★ soft start and soft stop greatly reduce the starting current. At the same time, due to the improvement of power factor, the operation state of electricity is changed from including our body, so that the existing power supply system can supply power to more than double the number of pumping units

★ it has perfect protection and fault display functions

I. technical parameters

1. Power supply voltage: 380 ± 20%

2. Power supply frequency: 50~60hz

3. It is suitable for all pumping units

4. Adjustment range of stroke times: 0-1.3 times of the original stroke times

5. Increased output: 10%

6. Power saving rate: 30%~60%

7. This kind of slip is unrecoverable, and the power factor can be increased to: ≥ 0.8

8, and motor with power range of 5.5kw~90kw

II Power saving principle

for rod pumping units, a certain back emf will be generated in the working process. The power saving controller uses a special means to store the back EMF and skillfully apply energy to the working process of the pumping unit. The power-saving controller adopts the latest generation of low-power IGBT devices and fully optimized SPWM pulse width modulation technology. Vector control without speed measurement feedback is used in control, DSP and RISC multi-level processor system are used in signal processing, and fast floating-point method is used by purchasers in operation, so as to realize rapid processing of information

the power-saving controller can automatically analyze and calculate the "full pumping rate" of the pumping unit operation, and automatically adjust the speed and "stroke times" of the up and down strokes of the pumping unit according to the calculation and analysis results, so that the pumping unit can always work in the best state, and the pump inspection cycle can be extended at the same time. The pumping capacity can be increased by more than 10%

IV. application example:

the motor is 55kW, and the well depth is 2003 meters

after testing, before installation: pumping 7.9 tons of oil 24 hours a day, power consumption 201.81 degrees

after installation: pumping 9.7 tons of oil 24 hours a day, power consumption 98.4 degrees

power saving rate: 51.24%, oil production increased by 18.55%

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