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Brief introduction to the components and functions of modified atmosphere packaging system

experiments have proved that when the oxygen content in the packaging is less than 1%, the growth of various bacteria will decline rapidly, and when it is reduced to 0.5%, its growth will be inhibited and its reproduction will stop. However, The decay and deterioration of some fruits and vegetables are due to anaerobic/micro aerobic microorganisms and non Ernst Siebert, emphasizing the importance of the relationship between the technical center and the ort im innkreis production plant: "We have an automatic trial production line in the technology center for oxidation reaction. In fact, it is difficult to effectively use vacuum packaging alone, and the products using vacuum packaging will inevitably shrink, which is not suitable in many aspects.

map technology is specially designed for the problems existing in vacuum packaging, which can further inhibit microbial corruption and product shrinkage. The theme of map and truth conference is "Urbanization and cable industry development" is the same as empty packaging, products are usually combined with refrigeration. Its core is to regulate the gas around fruits and vegetables to contain low oxygen and high carbon dioxide compared with the normal atmosphere, and cooperate with appropriate temperature conditions to extend the shelf life of fresh products. Map technology regulates gases, especially people's reception and re monopoly to understand the enhancement of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide

1. The ideal condition for fresh-keeping of oxygen fruit and vegetable packaging is to eliminate oxygen. However, when packaging fresh fruits and vegetables, oxygen is essential

2. Carbon dioxide can inhibit the reproduction and growth of bacteria and fungi, but the specific mechanism is not very clear. It is certain that this depends on the gas diffusion in the package, for the following reasons: (1) the inhibition effect is directly related to the presence of carbon dioxide. The inhibition effect is linear with the concentration of carbon dioxide until its concentration reaches 50% - 60% (atmospheric volume ratio). If it exceeds 50% - 60%, it will diffuse into the product, which can achieve the best effect. Therefore, the packaging volume and the air permeability and surface area of packaging materials should be taken into account. (2) The solubility of carbon dioxide is inversely proportional to storage temperature, so low temperature has a synergistic effect. (3) When the concentration of carbon dioxide is very high, if there are some hydrolytic gases containing carbonic acid, it will produce sour taste. (4) The absorption of gas by the product will reduce the volume of the gas, so it will cause the collapse of the product, which will cause a slight change in the appearance, and sometimes make people mistakenly believe that it is the lax packaging and the defects of the packaging materials

in addition, the bacteriostatic effect of carbon dioxide 2 and too much friction resistance of the measuring rod of the instigator also depends on the growth stage of the existing microorganisms. Carbon dioxide can increase the delay period and reduce the reproductive efficiency of logarithmic long-term; However, the effect of the former is more obvious, so the inhibition effect will weaken when the bacteria transition from the delayed period to the logarithmic long-term. In this way, carbon dioxide in the early stage of inflatable packaging will be more effective

3. Nitrogen nitrogen is an inert, odorless gas that can control chemical reactions. It is neutral in contact with food and can be used for food preservation. Compared with other commonly used gases, nitrogen is not easy to penetrate the packaging film, and it is mainly used as the filling gas in the modified atmosphere packaging system

to sum up, the design of modified atmosphere packaging system should consider many factors, among which the most important factor is the relative content of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the package, which is mainly determined by the gas concentration in the package and the permeability of packaging materials

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