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Introduction to information application of Nanchang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

Nanchang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

I. company profile

Nanchang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nanchang Iron and steel) is one of the 500 largest industrial enterprises in China. Founded in 1958, it is a key iron and steel complex in Jiangxi Province. Through the unremitting hard work of several generations of Nangang, the enterprise has developed from small to large, and the product quality has been continuously upgraded. At present, the company has 11000 employees, 1541 professional and technical personnel of all kinds, with a total asset of 1.93 billion yuan and an area of 2.2 million square meters. At present, the company has an annual output of 780000 tons of iron, 1million tons of steel, 950000 tons of billets and 20000 tons of automobile leaf springs

the company adheres to the quality policy of "creating first-class management, relying on scientific and technological progress, adhering to quality improvement, and meeting user needs", and has fully passed the ISO9002 quality system certification. Now it has three ministerial quality products and seven provincial quality products, with a high-quality product rate of 87.11%, forming two series of brand advantages of "Seagull" building steel and "Changli" automobile spring. Among them, "Haiou brand" grade II deformed steel bar is the first batch of inspection free products and key protection high-grade products in Jiangxi Province, and is registered in Hong Kong for inspection free. It is the only special construction steel for flood fighting and rescue recommended by the state in 1999. "Changli brand" automobile spring series products are listed as the first batch of "recommended products" in China by the user committee of China Quality Management Association and the market and Trade Committee of China's current Indian overall PE market supply is tight. The products sell well all over the country and are exported to more than a dozen countries and regions in the world. "Seagull" grade II deformed steel bar and "Changli" automobile flat spring steel won the "golden cup" prize for the physical quality of China's metallurgical products

the "Ninth Five Year Plan" period is the most difficult period since Nangang entered the market economy and the fastest development period since the establishment of the plant. In the first three years of the "Ninth Five Year Plan", the accumulated loss was more than 100 million yuan, and the enterprise was in a crisis of life and death, so it was not about the construction and development of informatization. In the face of difficulties, through the emancipation of the mind of all employees, the transformation of ideas, the strict management of the plant, the deepening of reform and technological progress, we have found a path of independent self-improvement and innovative development. On the basis of reducing losses by 80% in 1998 and making a profit of 5.07 million yuan in 1999, the company made another profit of 41.9 million yuan in 2000, achieving the goal of three years of reform and difficulty relief, and the face of the enterprise has undergone profound changes

second, the overall concept of information work

with the development of computer and software technology in the direction of digitalization, intelligence, integration and broadband, enterprises are experiencing the challenges of new technologies, inventions and products every day. How to obtain information efficiently and reliably has become an important survival foundation for enterprises. There is no doubt that the most widely used and fastest way is the establishment of enterprise intranet gigabit optical cable broadband information network platform

the leaders and decision-makers of Nangang clearly realize that information construction is the key means to transform traditional enterprises and improve the scientific research and production environment. They should maintain competitive advantages in the market, improve product development level and product quality, shorten development cycle and reduce costs. In order to improve work efficiency, enhance self-regulation ability, strengthen external publicity and contact, and reduce duplication of work, we must introduce advanced information management systems to improve the automation and information sharing of enterprise production and operation management, fundamentally change the development strategy of the enterprise, and integrate the whole company from market prediction, operation and management decision-making, plan control, scientific research and engineering design, production and manufacturing, quality control All links such as product sales should be reasonably integrated to realize "production automation, management networking and scientific decision-making". Finally, a new stage will be reached in the mode of production, operation and management

(I) guiding ideology and basic principles

1. Guiding ideology: hold high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping theory, seriously practice the important thought of "Three Represents", promote the enterprise business philosophy of "market-centered and customer-centered", create a "broadband information highway", and comprehensively use information technology to realize enterprise resource planning (ERP) if it is found to be loose, so that sales, finance, production, resources Electronic information integration of services, further improve the overall management level of enterprise production and operation, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of improving efficiency and market competitiveness, and speed up the integration of industry, University and research; Accelerate the construction of vertical innovation system with upstream and downstream phase structure

2. Basic principles: ① the principle of putting the first leader in charge. The top leaders of all units are the first people in information construction, and must pay attention to planning, construction and implementation. ② The enterprise informatization construction adopts the principle of "overall planning, no diplomacy for weak countries since ancient times, step-by-step implementation and continuous improvement". It adopts open structure, multi platform system integration, and advanced Gigabit Ethernet and optical cable transmission and wiring technology to ensure the progressiveness, real-time, stability and security of the system. ③ The principle of creating "broadband information highway". Connect each system step by step according to the predetermined interface, abandon a single platform and structure, support the marketing innovation of enterprises, manage the pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales needs of customers, and create a "broadband information highway" through computer network system integration. ④ Apply the principles of advanced optical cable system engineering design. Consider the production and operation management of the company and the overall management of enterprise resource planning (ERP) as a whole, and establish a continuously optimized and complete system. It is not only the integration of various application systems, but also the integration of computer network systems. The system has the following characteristics:

⑴. The system is an enterprise level intranet metropolitan structure. It connects the computers, workstations and terminals of the main secondary production auxiliary units to the minicomputer server of the information center through the high-performance optical cable network, providing high-speed and broadband network transmission for various information and data integrated services

⑵ the system adopts C/S (client/server) and B/S (Browse/server) modes to realize complete resource sharing (including public information sharing, proprietary information sharing, processing process sharing, software sharing)

⑶ provide a transparent network environment for all application systems, and the network workstation can log in to any server and synchronize in real time

⑷. The system has a strong SNMP network management function, which can monitor and control the operation status of all network devices and each workstation

(5) the system has high performance, high reliability, safety and easy maintenance

(II). Overall objective:

1. In marketing: establish customer management CRM (custo

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