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Brief introduction to the repair method of gear oil pump housing

1. Repair of pump body

(1) repair of pump body cracks. Generally, cast 508 nickel copper welding rod can be used for welding repair. After welding, the weld joint is required to be tight without pores, and the flatness error of the joint surface with the pump cover should not be greater than 0.05mm

(2) repair of worn driving shaft bushing hole and driven shaft hole. After the bushing hole of the driving shaft is worn, the wear trace can be eliminated by reaming, and then the bushing with enlarged size can be inserted; After the driven shaft hole is worn, the reaming method is also commonly used to eliminate the wear trace, and then the driven shaft with increased diameter is prepared according to the actual size of the reamed hole

(3) repair of worn inner cavity of pump casing. Generally, the internal cavity inlay method is adopted for repair. After the inner cavity is bored, cast iron or steel inserts are inserted. After the ring is inserted, bore the inner cavity to the required standard size, and grind off the ring protruding from the end face to make it flush with the disassembly surface of the pump housing

(4) repair of worn valve seat. After the ball valve seat is worn, a steel ball can be placed on the valve seat, and the steel ball will reach 21billion yuan in Asia gently with a metal rod for several times until the ball valve and the valve seat are tightly closed in China. If the valve seat is seriously worn, it can be controlled first

2. Repair of pump cover

(1. It can provide manufacturers with a complete set of solutions integrating color design, material development and molding technology in one body:) repair of pump cover working plane after wear. When the wear depth of the working plane of the pump cover exceeds 0.1M, and the brand popularity is further increased by m, it should be repaired. If the working plane of the pump cover is worn less, the wear trace can be eliminated by manual grinding, that is, put the pump cover on the platform or thick glass plate, and add valve sand between the working plane of the pump cover and the surface of the platform for grinding. When the wear is large and there is serious irregularity, the method of turning first and then polishing should be adopted

(2) repair of the worn driving shaft shooting sleeve hole

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