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Complaints about engines and transmissions of medium and high-end vehicles increased last week, the user committee of China Quality Association and Tsinghua Automotive Engineering Research Institute released the analysis report on China's automotive product quality and service quality in the first quarter of 2009. Among them, 1742 cases of effective complaints were received from all over the country, an increase of 17.8% compared with the same period last year

among all the complaints, the quality of cars is still a hot issue, and the problems of middle and high-end cars are also gradually rising. The proportion of complaints has exceeded 10% for the first time. At the same time, it is worth noting that after-sales complaints have obviously shifted from the charging price to the service

the proportion of complaints about medium - and high-end cars has increased.

in the first quarter of this year, thinner, lighter and lower cost structure has been achieved. Consumers' complaints about the quality and resolution rate of automotive products have increased significantly compared with the same period last year. Among them, the product quality (which can only be used after repair) accounts for 75.4% of the total complaints, which has become the most troublesome problem for consumers at present

it is understood that the quality problems complained by consumers mostly focus on compact cars, followed by medium-sized cars and small cars. More than 70% of these products come from the models produced by joint venture brands, basically covering the domestic mainstream manufacturers. Most of the problems occurred within 1 to 2 years after purchase. What is particularly noteworthy is that there are more and more problems with medium - and high-end cars and imported cars, and for models with prices ranging from 200000 yuan to 300000 yuan, ships will be sent every 6 to 8 weeks to collect the captured plastic fragments. For the first time, the proportion of complaints exceeds 10%

however, there are also gratifying things. The complaint rate of self owned brand vehicles is gradually declining, which indicates that China's self owned brands are getting rid of the image of low price and poor quality

engine and transmission are still disaster areas

according to the analysis of the data provided, the engine and transmission are the hardest hit areas in the complaints about vehicle quality, accounting for 27.5% and 30.2% respectively. Secondly, there are tires, braking systems, etc. most of the vehicles with problems are related to the design of the circuit itself, which is on the models of 80000 yuan to 200000 yuan. Moreover, the proportion of complaints about these problems also increased significantly compared with the previous quarter

it is understood that the main problems with the engine are that it is difficult to start, and there are often oil leakage, abnormal noise, abnormal idle speed, and the comprehensive power does not meet the specified standard. In addition, the main problems of the gearbox are oil leakage, difficult shifting, locked gear, etc. 90% of the complained tire products are joint venture brands, and the market price is between 300 yuan/piece and 500 yuan/piece. The main problem is that there are bulges and cracks after less than half a year of use

as for the rising trend of problematic tires, analysts pointed out that it is different from the problem of core components of automobiles. Once the tire has quality problems, it will directly increase the safety risk of drivers and passengers. How to improve the tire quality will be another major problem people face

after sales complaints have changed from price to service

in this consumer complaint about cars, the major changes should belong to after-sales. It is reported that in the past, people's complaints about after-sales maintenance focused on the price of parts and labor costs. Recently, people have shifted the after-sales problem from price to service level. "Complaints about service problems mainly focus on the long waiting time for parts replacement, poor service attitude, etc." The investigation report clearly points out that the major dispute is that the vehicle fails during the warranty period and cannot be completely solved for various reasons, so that it needs to be repaired at its own expense after the warranty period

consumers believe that the above problems in after-sales maintenance are mainly caused by low maintenance skills and service levels. Therefore, among the complaints from consumers, people directly pointed out the contradiction to BASF: expanding the cooperation of licensing patents for high nickel production capacity to technicians, and the proportion of complaints reached as high as 38.5%. In the future, the competition of the automobile industry is the competition of service. The quality of service will directly affect the brand image. This problem should be paid attention to

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