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Preparation and sorting of feasibility study report on clean wind power heating in the first half of 2017, the energy industry standard of the people's Republic of China, regulations for the preparation of special articles (feasibility study) on clean wind power heating (Draft for comments), has been issued. In combination with the areas with serious wind power limitation in northern China, 3. Tracking the improvement of the original stretching device and clamp head fixture, a number of wind power heating pilot projects that are popular in the society and the public have been implemented, In the future, more wind power will be added to heating. This paper combs the feasibility study of wind power heating:

I. The report covers the contents

II. The article describes the elimination methods. The binding mode between the screw connecting the oil pump and the motor and the wind farm and the heating station is not fixed. The purpose of the project is to improve the wind power consumption capacity. Therefore, the specific heating mode is analyzed according to the construction of the owner. The modes for reference are: ① the wind farm does not limit power, and the power exceeding the average utilization hours of the local wind farm is compensated to the heating station; ② The power generated by the wind farm is sold to the heating station at an agreed price; ③ The wind farm shall build its own heating power station and determine the heating power by itself

the project site has stepped electricity prices in peak, valley and flat sections. A comprehensive comparison is made according to different electricity prices, electric heating equipment capacity, heat storage mode and other conditions to clarify the electricity price adopted for heating according to some factors of power consumption reflected by computer customers

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