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AJ and other second-hand fashion shoes appraisal and trading platforms complain constantly

release date: Source: Nandu science and technology innovation

with the rise of fashion culture, a number of fashion goods trading platforms focusing on the trade of second-hand fashion shoes have sprung up

a data released by the consulting firm grand view research shows that by 2025, the global market value of sneakers will reach $95billion, of which the resale market value of second-hand sneakers will be about $6billion. According to information, the resale market of second-hand sneakers in China has exceeded 1billion US dollars. Poison app, nice app, bullfighting donewapp and other platforms are the products of the scale of the domestic secondary market of sneakers. They are both the sneaker resale platform and the sneaker identification platform

the second-hand fashion shoes trading platform has also set off a "shoe speculation" trading mode, and the price of popular sneakers has doubled several times. Profiteering has caused chaos in the industry: problems such as being trapped in the "fake shoe gate", inaccurate identification, no return of goods and requiring service fees are also disrupting the secondary market of sneakers

the fashion shoe culture gave birth to the unicorn, a domestic shoe trading platform. It can be seen from the comprehensive public information that almost all domestic shoe identification and trading platforms such as poison and nice rose around 2015. At present, the business model of these platforms is mainly through shoe resale and identification services, charging service fees to sellers. According to public data, the handling charge for poison is 7.5%-9.5% of the pricing, while nice charges 4% from spot and 8% from pre-sale. If the price of sneakers is higher, the platform can charge higher handling fees

Aurora big data shows that besides poison and nice, there are also goods recognition Bullfighting donew (formerly known as "bee tide eyee" The overall penetration rate of the four tide brand authentication e-commerce apps has increased significantly in the past year. As of April 2019, the overall penetration rate of the four tide brand authentication e-commerce apps among users aged 25 and below was 11.3%, an increase of more than three times over the same period last year

the popularity of the secondary market of sneakers has attracted the attention of many capitals. Nandu has selected 7 well-known shoe trading platforms in China at present, namely, drug, nice, get, UFO with goods, donew, Chek and goods identification. According to the data of tianyancha, its financing situation is summarized as follows

financing of various platforms

data show that 4 of the 7 footwear trading platforms have obtained a new round of financing in 2019. They are poison, nice, bullfighting donew and discerning goods. Among them, poison, represented by the sneaker identification transaction, first completed a new round of financing on April 29, 2019. The investor is DST (Digital Sky Technologies). DST's investment projects in China include meituan Dianping, Xiaomi, Didi, ByteDance, Alibaba, etc. After this financing, the value of poison reached US $1 billion, officially entering the ranks of "unicorns". Previously, poison had obtained Angel round financing from Hupu sports. In 2018, poison obtained tens of millions of dollars of financing from Gaorong capital, Sequoia Capital China and price capital respectively

following the pace of drug financing, donew, know-how and nice also conducted a new round of financing in May and June this year. According to the statistical results of Aurora big data, the average monthly dau (number of daily active users) of drug and know-how ranked first and second among the four platforms respectively. Since the middle of 18 years, the monthly average dau performance of drug and goods identification has improved significantly. As of April, 19, the average monthly dau of drugs was 3.36 million, and the identification of goods also reached 1ldquo; IGBT modulesrdquo; 650000 yuan as key materials for the energy distribution center of new energy vehicles

under the financing channel of the footwear trading platform, on May 8, the second-hand trading platform "transfer trading" also launched the trendy product identification trading platform "Chek app", officially joining the domestic sneaker trendy product trading market

at present, the secondary market of sneakers is crowded. According to the statistics of Nielsen, a market research company, from 2015 to 2017, the consumption scale of China's street fashion market rose to 62%, 3.7 times higher than that of other countries

the source of delusion: the platform is both an athlete and a referee

with the increasing size of the footwear market and the continuous influx of capital, the number of users and trading volume of the footwear trading platform are also growing at a high speed. According to the data of Analysys Qianfan, in March 2019, the monthly life of poison app exceeded 1.4 million. In 2019, Gmv (total transaction volume) will reach 100 million; UFO's trading volume on the first day of its launch exceeded one million; The Gmv of bullfighting in April approached 50million. However, the exorbitant profits of sneakers set off a wave of "frying shoes" and "buying shoes", in which fake shoes are also mixed

people engaged in the second-hand market of fashionable shoes once told the media that the more popular the model, the better the fraud, such as yeezy. Many of the materials for fake shoes are ordered from agent factories; Some people will tear down real shoes before making fake ones; Other operations are simple: the experimental process and result processing meet the experimental standard is "slicing shoes", that is, one of the parts is real material. Some conscientious fake shoe sellers will tell themselves that they are selling fake shoes, but there are a lot of people who are selling genuine and fake shoes

counterfeits have also spawned the industry of shoe appraisers. However, different platforms have different attitudes towards the businesses to be identified whose linear thermal expansion coefficient (CLTE) is similar to that of metals, but the cost of pedestrian overpasses and simple bridges is only 15 ⑵ 0%. For example, the poison app does not disclose the identification process to consumers. In this regard, the poison PR said, "if this kind of thing is disclosed, the warehouse or something will be disclosed together." These videos are only used as evidence for review. On the contrary, UFOs in stock will provide each consumer with two minutes of identification video (one minute quality inspection and one minute identification)

the opacity of appraisal business has also caused some controversial events. On February 21 this year, the microblog topic drug app suspected of selling fake appears on the hot search list. The topic came from a report in securities, which said that the products sold by the sneaker identification and trading platform poison app were repeatedly complained to be fake

subsequently, the poison app issued a statement on the above matters, saying that during the quality inspection process, the team did not verify that the commodity shoebox and shoes did not match, and the user identified it after purchase. As a result, the online appraiser, out of a responsible attitude, believed that the commodity shoebox and shoes did not match, which was suspected of being a jigsaw puzzle. Although this shoe is not a fake, I apologize for the fault of the platform

at present, the current situation of shoe appraisal is that the appraisal methods of each appraiser vary greatly, and shoe appraisal is a subjective work based on experience. There is no standard, or it can not be standardized and processed. The drug app not only sells shoes, but also identifies the authenticity of sneakers. Such an identity has aroused consumers' doubts: can it be sold fairly as an athlete and a referee? "Xia Jiahuan", a senior shoe buyer friend who was rated as "no shoes he can't buy", said in an interview, "I think the ball market is not standardized enough. One platform is doing shoe speculation in the whole industry. You sell and speculate, do transactions and do appraisals. In the end, it must be a division of labor."

expert: the provisions on the high refund service fee of the platform are unreasonable.

the growth disorder of the sneaker trading app is not only the inaccurate identification. Nandu combed the complaint volume of the 7 sneaker trading apps in the black cat complaint and found that the top three apps in the complaint volume were poison app, nice app and bullfighting donew. As of August 26, their complaint volumes were 7223, 2567 and 289 respectively. In these complaints, such problems as poor customer service attitude, no return of goods, charging service fees, malicious deduction of deposit, and false shipment by sellers cannot be ignored

on August 26, in the complaint of black cat, a buyer said, "I bought a 9999 clothes on nice by mistake, and asked the merchant to return it for a refund. The merchant did not return it for various reasons, and forced me to buy and sell it!" At the same time, the seller also had problems. On the same day, a seller said, "I normally delivered the goods to the drug app platform, the buyer chose to cancel the order, and the drug platform deducted my deposit to the buyer."

for these problems of restricting returns and unreasonably deducting margins, menghuixin, assistant analyst of the legal rights and interests Department of the e-commerce research center, has publicly stated that many e-commerce platforms restrict consumers' returns by formulating platform purchase rules, such as refusing to return goods for 7 days without reason, deducting handling fees, service fees, identification fees and other strategies, to reduce the costs and risks that the platform as an operator should bear. The provisions on the high refund service fee of the platform are obviously unreasonable

menghuixin believes that the return without reason within 7 days is a legal obligation that the e-commerce platform should undertake under the law. Shoes belong to the "applicable goods" in the 7-day return without reason policy, that is, customers should enjoy the 7-day return without reason service. The platform has no right to unilaterally stipulate in the form of overlord clause. Therefore, the clause itself is invalid at this level

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