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Wide width water-based inkjet printing market - competition and environmental protection coexist

30 January 2009, according to the latest forecast data of InfoTrends Inc, the total revenue of wide width solvent based inkjet printing system (including hardware, ink, media and related services) will be 4.14 billion US dollars and 16 yen in January 2019. The total market volume is expected to drop to US $3.7 billion by 2012. Two main reasons for the decline in revenue in this field are the competition of new UV curing inkjet systems and the increasing attention from all walks of life on how to reduce the volatile organic compounds produced in the drying process of water-soluble inks

the main advantage of water-soluble ink is that it can achieve high-quality printing on uncoated flexible media. This feature is not available in other technologies, such as UV curing inkjet technology. However, in spite of this, the characteristics of UV curable inks are still changing, even in the ductile media. These attempts to improve image quality will eventually promote the transformation of water-based ink to UV curing ink, and the transformation speed may be faster than we think

with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, infotrens Inc has seen the growth potential of the ink printing market in the world as the high-end water-based inkjet is now in the three-month trial operation stage. The transformation of these high-end water-based inks has had a profound impact on the total revenue of the market. However, when comparing the revenue of each part of printing, we expect that the revenue of the high-end part will decrease by 7.8% annually in the coming period, while other relevant parts will increase

it is important to point out that the decisive role in tension accuracy measurement is to reduce costs. The concept of environmental protection printing is still the mainstream trend in North America and Western Europe, said timgr, director of wide format printing consulting services of InfoTrends Inc, taking Jixi as an example Eene. In India, Latin America and Eastern Europe, the wide digital printing market is still regarded as an emerging industry in its domestic market. In addition, the demand for wide width water-based inkjet printers in the primary market is still in China, but the energy consumption is high and the level of environmental protection is low

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