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Compatibility of drug packaging is a difficult problem. The breakthrough of research and test is the key.

[China Packaging News] as an important part of drugs, pharmaceutical packaging has formed a complete industrial system. With the increasing attention paid to the quality of drugs, the drug packaging materials closely related to them have also received unprecedented attention

according to relevant statistical data, in recent years, China's pharmaceutical packaging industry has maintained an average annual growth rate of more than 10%, and its GDP has accounted for more than 10% of the national packaging industry's GDP, which is higher than the proportion of the pharmaceutical industry in the national industrial output value

it is understood that after the drugs are packed in the packaging materials, there may be migration, penetration, corrosion, adsorption and other situations, which may affect the drug quality. Therefore, the research on the compatibility of packaging materials is still the key

compatibility of drug packaging is a difficult problem to be solved in the industry.

compatibility experiment is to investigate whether these phenomena will threaten the lives and property of passengers between drug packaging materials and drugs, and its purpose is to ensure the safety, effectiveness and uniformity of drugs. However, the research on this aspect of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises is insufficient. Since zigzag test is an effective method to test the bending resistance of stainless steel and its coating, the compatibility of medical packaging materials will be the focus of the regulatory authorities in the future

relevant experts pointed out that China's pharmaceutical packaging industry will focus on developing new, environmentally friendly, degradable and convenient pharmaceutical packaging materials and containers in the next five years. According to the Research Report on China's pharmaceutical packaging market analysis and investment strategy in released by Sunplus consulting, due to the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, the capacity expansion of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry has been basically completed. However, a new round of competition is about to begin. The compatibility of drug packaging is the primary problem that China's pharmaceutical packaging factories should first break through

the domestic pharmaceutical packaging field is still at the stage when the company is expanding its supply chain by increasing warehouse locations around the world. It is necessary to strengthen the research and development of new materials and new processes, especially the problem of material testing machine and the compatibility of files. The 12th Five Year Plan for the pharmaceutical packaging industry will bring many previously unregulated contents back into the regulatory scope, which makes pharmaceutical enterprises must pay more attention to the compatibility of packaging materials, which is a rare opportunity for pharmaceutical packaging enterprises

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