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Decoration guerrillas refer to the decorators who set up stalls on the streets. Later, some guerrillas entered the community, mainly engaged in physical activities such as decoration and handling. Most of them are "five noes" without business license, qualification certificate, office location, construction force and financial guarantee. As the quotation of home decoration is much lower than that of regular companies, some owners prefer to choose decoration guerrillas when the home decoration project is small and the budget is low

Miss Zhang's home began to be decorated. Because the decoration project was not large, she chose the decoration guerrillas stationed in the community. I didn't expect to find several people in a row, and the problems continued. It turned out that they were very talkative when looking at the house. As a result, they were unreliable when doing their work. Miss Zhang said

◆ temporarily raise the price in half of the decoration

it was agreed in advance to drill an air-conditioning hole for 50 yuan. As a result, he temporarily raised the price in half of the drilling, and he must continue to drill for 100 yuan! Speaking of the master who decorated the house, Miss Zhang seemed very helpless

in fact, things like Miss Zhang are not uncommon. The house price in Shenzhen is on the high side, so it is not easy to buy a house in Shenzhen. Therefore, many owners have no extra money after buying a house, and can only do some simple decoration, such as basic water and electricity transformation, wall painting, flooring, etc. Due to the scattered decoration links and the lack of overall planning, owners often need to find temporary workers. At these times, most of them will find permanent decoration teams in the community. Because the project is too small, it is usually priced orally by both parties. Therefore, if the decoration team plays tricks like this and takes the opportunity to raise prices during the decoration process, the owners can only eat Coptis in silence

◆ cut first and then play violent consumption

if the temporary price increase is naked cheating, then cut first and then play is implicit violent consumption. Usually, the reason why the owners choose the decoration team is the low quotation. However, many owners are surprised to find that the actual cost is much higher than the budgeted cost when paying the final payment! As long as the owner doesn't pay attention a little during the decoration, the decoration team will buy materials with higher prices without authorization for the sake of the owner, or privately slot and punch holes on the site &hellip& hellip; Owners are generally not too fussy. If they really care, they will shirk their responsibility by saying that there are quality problems due to poor materials and no warranty. Also, you should avoid quarreling with them. If they do something bad, they may cut corners in your later project. Another netizen, Mr. Liu, said

◆ let go of quality problems

because most of the decoration teams are unqualified, the quality of the decoration projects is also uneven. If you don't repair the edge of the wall, you have to do it yourself. Sometimes you can't do it yourself, so you have to spend another money to invite other decoration teams. Miss Zhang said

once the owner pays the money, it means that the employment relationship with the decoration team is officially ended. If the owner finds decoration quality problems after moving into the new house, the decoration team will either evaporate directly or use the word dragging formula, and will not come to deal with it for a few days or even more. Finally, the owner couldn't wait, so he had to find another decoration team to redo it. Therefore, when choosing the decoration guerrillas to do the project, the owner must bear great risks

◆ although the project is small, the contract cannot be less

many decoration losses are due to the owners' failure to sign a formal decoration contract with the decoration team during the decoration. Therefore, once quality problems occur after the decoration, the owners can't find them and can only suffer losses by themselves. Experts suggest that no matter how small the project is, it must sign a contract with the decoration team. At the same time, we should carefully confirm the project details in the contract: first, try to avoid all kinds of general words. It is inappropriate to use materials with domestic famous brands and international famous brands. The correct way of writing is to specify which part of the bedroom, kitchen and balcony uses which brand and model of materials. Similarly, such words should not appear in the contract, but should be detailed and listed one by one. 2、 Clarify the responsibilities of both parties, clarify the scope of possible overspending, determine the completion date and default treatment methods, etc. In a word, the contract terms must eliminate ambiguous words and sentences to ensure that all the terms are clear





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