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On November 29, the headquarters of the company held a summary meeting on the sharing of magic training results, during which 15 magic training personnel shared their insights on the results of magic training

the famous craftsman bangyuan ended the two-day and one night magic training. In order to transmit the spirit and will of magic training to every employee of the company, the company headquarters held a summary meeting on the sharing of magic training results on November 29. At the meeting, 15 magic trainers shared their feelings on the results of magic training. At this sharing meeting, all magic trainers shared their responsibilities, gratitude, team and other aspects

award prizes to excellent sharers

with the end of the host's opening remarks, the opening ceremony of this sharing meeting was kicked off. First, Peng Yuneng, a family member from the development department, pointed out that the word with deep feelings of magic training was "responsibility", and then, talked about the important contents during the magic training. First, look at this magic training from a personal perspective, and then discuss in detail the difficulties and hardships of being a decision-maker through the identity of the decision-maker. Let everyone realize the transposition thinking and the responsibility and responsibility

the family of the development department shared

then, 14 magic trainers, including Zhou Bin, Xie Xilong and Liang Guilin, rose to the theoretical level and shared with you respectively according to their feelings and thoughts of the two-day and one night training in the "Chinese devil training camp" and in combination with their positions in the enterprise. Zhou Bin talked about the word goal, "roles and different positions have their own value, adjust their own state, recognize their own positioning, set goals for themselves, and unswervingly move forward towards their goals step by step"; Xie Xilong shared through the team's responsibility statement, while Liang Guilin, as the captain of the magic training champion team, talked about how to lead the team to win the championship

some sharing personnel

finally, President Xiao delivered a keynote speech, and President Xiao pointed out that the essence of the team is common commitment. Common commitment is to share the responsibility of the team. Without this commitment, the team is like a mess. Make this commitment, the team will work together to become a strong collective

President Xiao delivered a keynote speech

through the sharing of the results of magic training, the company will set off a new round of learning enthusiasm, and its responsibility, team and gratitude will rise to a new level of cognition





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