How to make a comprehensive plan before decoration

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As long as you plan well, even a novice home improvement can complete it well. Let's take a look at the experience of netizens

as long as you plan well, even a novice home improvement can complete it well. Let's take a look at the experience of netizens

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first of all, we should hold a family meeting to list the individual requirements of family members. It is best to give consideration to the activity space of each family member at home, so that the attraction of home can be better played out. The child wants to have a toy area, the husband wants to have a place where he can surf the Internet, the mother invites friends to play mahjong, and the father wants to have a bathtub to take a bath &hellip& hellip; If you consider the requirements of each family member in the use of house space, you should make a plan in advance, and then go to the store to choose things and arrange the size

second, design the decoration plan and start the construction. The order of decoration is plumbing, circuit design - labor - bricklaying - carpentry. It should be noted that before designing waterways and circuits, designers of cabinets, hand basins, bathrooms, etc. are invited to make rough ruler arrangement, so that they won't look for labor again because of the change of lines afterwards

third, save if you can, and don't save if you can't. Whether it's materials or supplies, famous brands are not necessarily good, and economic application is the last word. When decorating, you should pay attention to those that can't be moved again, such as underground pipes, bricks on the wall, etc. those that can't be moved easily must be used well. Others, such as cabinets and decorations, can be replaced if they don't like or are broken

the netizen also stressed that she made a mistake when pasting kitchen bricks. She heard from her friends that there was no need to stick too good ceramic tiles where the cabinets could be blocked, and she couldn't see them. Therefore, when buying bricks, she chose a cheap one with a certain area. As a result, the bricklayer painstakingly calculated and pasted it. The total price was only thirty or forty yuan less than the price of the fully pasted bricks. The work cost no effort. Because the upper half of the cabinet could not block the tiles, a baffle had to be put on the cabinet, which was a special failure! Therefore, it's better not to save these tens of yuan





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