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Qijia class: how to use ceramic tile glue and floor glue

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how to use:

after the dust on the two bonding surfaces is removed with a dry cloth or brush, you can directly apply glue, and the thickness of the glue layer is 0.5— 1 mm, dry to 2&mdash after gluing; It can be bonded in 3 minutes. The ideal strength can be reached after 24 hours. The highest intensity can be reached after 5 days

this glue can be applied face to face, line to line and spot. Surface coating 1.5— 2m2/kg, wire coating 2— 3m2/kg, spot coating 3— 4 M2/KG。


do not use blisters on glued materials

cement trench joint shall be used after 24 hours of bonding between Masek, ceramic tile and concrete

when gluing vertical or heavy materials, the gluing shall be carried out after 3 or 5 minutes

903 glue shall be sealed and stored above 0 ℃ after use. The validity period is half a year, and the glue can still be used if there is no abnormality

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