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Lichuanbao: the feast of Art Palace glass

the 21st century is an era of beauty and fashion, and the pursuit of creativity and thought. There are hundreds of flowers competing in the field of culture and art, one of which is particularly bright. It is the perfect combination of art glass, traditional culture and high-quality materials. Mr. lichuanbao is one of the initiators and promoters of this feast. He is gentle and amiable, loves Chinese tradition, focuses on glass art and carries forward national culture

Guangzhou Shengyu glass products Co., Ltd., founded by him, has a large number of first-class professionals, excellent R & D centers and large-scale advanced equipment based on the concept of "people-oriented, leading in science and technology, pursuing fashion and continuous innovation". We will accompany him and Shengyu glass, walk into the palace of glass art, and appreciate the beauty of artistic glass combined with nature and Chinese traditional culture

interest is the best teacher

art is a dream of my childhood. It is interest and opportunity that guide me into the art glass industry

-- lichuanbao

Confucius said: those who know are not as good as those who are good, and those who are good are not as good as those who are happy. This sentence is most appropriate for lichuanbao's treatment of art glass: it is his love for art glass and his pleasure that leads to the Guangzhou Shengyu glass products Co., Ltd. we see today

in 105 A.D., Cai Lun invented papermaking. Paper gradually replaced heavy bamboo slips and expensive silk, which facilitated a large number of written records. So far, Chinese culture has been spread and developed faster and better. Therefore, Cai Lun not only has a long history, but also his spirit has continuously inspired his fellow descendants to invent and create, and to make contributions to China's cultural undertakings. Lichuanbao was born in Leiyang, Hunan, the hometown of Cailun. The influence of celebrities and the difficult living environment have formed his habit of loving thinking and practice, and created his quality of hard-working, diligent and persistent

lichuanbao was interested in Chinese classical literature and painting since he was a child. However, due to his poor family and backward rural education conditions, it was difficult for students to access this knowledge except textbooks at that time. At that time, he and his classmates often lay on the low desks or the small benches at home, pasted their exercise books on the textbooks, and drew lines according to the Song typeface and pictures, one stroke at a time, watching all kinds of vivid pictures jump on the paper, he was overjoyed and proud. However, at that time, art was still an unreachable dream for him. Just like the starry sky he often looked up to, it was mysterious and high, but full of temptation. Therefore, he was eager to fly and reach the height of art. When he graduated from high school at the age of 17, he joined the Chinese people's Liberation Army with respect for the soldiers and a vision for the distance. No matter whether it was sweat soaked summer training or cold winter military exercises, he could not stop his desire for books. After training, he threw himself into the world of books, roamed in the ocean of literature and read widely, especially Chinese classical poems that he had long yearned for, Every month, I held a meager subsidy and put it in my deep pocket. Instead of taking it to improve my life, I rushed to buy books

with his excellent performance and excellent cultural quality, he was transferred to a government office for 11 years after he was discharged from the army. During this period, his interest in art continued unabated, and he often took advantage of business trips to collect various art drawings. Once he went to Jinggangshan old revolutionary base area to study, where he found a Liuyun carving and a bamboo carving. The white clouds, which are flexible and want to fly, are pure and elegant, and the bamboo, which is green and wants to rise continuously, are lifelike. They not only reproduce the dynamic beauty of things, but also vividly express the Chinese traditional meaning of white clouds and bamboo. All this deeply moved lichuanbao, who did not hesitate to buy a lot of money and hang it on the wall to ponder and appreciate it

in China in the 1990s, the tide of going to the sea to do business was higher than before. For the sake of ideals and entrepreneurship, many hot-blooded young people gave up the "iron rice bowl" to sharpen their hands and eager to try. He also kept thinking about his life future: whether to continue to live a monotonous life day after day in the office, or to take advantage of the wings of the young eagle to fly to a broader world and fight the sky? After a psychological struggle, he decided to go into business. In the past few years, I have done trade and invested in real estate. Although I have accumulated wealth, my heart is becoming more and more empty, and I feel more and more far away from my dream. So he reexamined himself and understood the truth that the ancients and ancestors had constantly understood that wealth was only an external thing. The most important thing in a person's life was to feel the existence of his own value and do something meaningful. So he finally made up his mind to investigate the market and find a career that could realize his dream. Huangtian did his best. In the second half of 2004, he saw a famous Chinese landscape painting made of glass in a glass factory, which happened to be the same as the Liuyun picture he took from Jinggangshan many years ago. "At that time, I was surprised that glass could be so lifelike, which was an innovation for art." At that moment, Li Chuanbao finally found his belonging: "when art develops to a certain stage, new elements will always appear, promoting art to a higher level." He felt that if Chinese culture was combined with glass technology, he would make a difference. At that time, glass crafts were basically small workshops, which did not rise to the artistic level. They were all made in the form of templates, which did not reach the height of artistry. Entrepreneurship is a natural thing for him

make unremitting efforts to build a brand

at the beginning, my view on art glass was that I was interested, I liked it, and I would do it. With the deepening understanding of glass art and the integration of my own ideas, I think the important goal of joining this industry is to make Chinese art glass occupy an important position in the world

-- lichuanbao in 2005, the ambitious lichuanbao founded Guangzhou Shengyu glass products Co., Ltd. However, as the ancients said, "every walk is like a mountain", he encountered countless difficulties when he first stepped into the threshold of entrepreneurship. In 2005, the company made several big mistakes, especially in the area of management. Due to lack of experience, he misused an assistant. The assistant filled his own pockets, falsely reported his salary when recruiting workers, and "rebated" hundreds of yuan from the workers' salary, which caused great damage to the company's economy and image

due to lack of sufficient understanding of the market, the company designed a batch of models in October and put them on the market in November, but it caught up with the most difficult period for art glass to be put on the market. He and several senior executives thought that they would not worry about selling good things and sent the product information to the customers with hope. However, after one month, they did not receive any orders. Many customers reported that the works were good. The contraction experiment was carried out on the pressure testing machine, but the timing was wrong. The company with dozens of employees failed to reap anything for several months, and it came to a period of turmoil. "Even when the enterprise was in the most difficult time, they didn't want to give up." He recalled and teased himself, "my biggest shortcoming is that I am single-minded and stubborn, but I am more diligent and can endure hardships than ordinary people."

under various pressures, he decided to go to Fujian to develop the market in person. With determination and perseverance, he finally moved the customers and won the first order. Then he did some business in Huizhou. However, in 2005, management problems led to the fact that the enterprise could not make ends meet. The dilemma makes Li Chuanbao constantly think about a key problem. Why can't enterprises always do it? He constantly analyzed the reasons and forced himself to take the initiative to understand the market, learn management, learn glass manufacturing knowledge, and learn everything that enterprises should learn

it is under his insistence that the company slowly gets on the right track and gradually enters the vision of investors. As he wrote in a poem, "fearless of the cold, I like to welcome spring. I often smile to guests. Summer is cloudy and autumn is cool. I am firm and upright forever." Although art glass was in its infancy at that time, people of insight had seen the prospects of the industry. Since 2006, a number of foreign investors have successively wanted to acquire Shengyu glass, and some large domestic enterprises also want him to join in the way of technology shares. In the face of various temptations, he never let go. In 2007, a customer from Dubai came to Guangzhou thousands of miles away and spent a lot of money to buy Shengyu glass, but failed to get permission for many times. Finally, the customer asked lichuanbao through an interpreter: Why are you so stubborn. He said, "what I do is a national enterprise, and what I promote is national culture. If you are a joint venture with me, can you continue to maintain Chinese culture in art glass?" The customer was speechless. The business was not concluded, but the customer was moved by his spirit and established a long-term cooperative relationship with him

speaking of this, he told us another story. It turned out that an enterprise founded by a classmate in Shenzhen was in a good development situation. Several of the world's top 500 enterprises wanted to acquire it, but his classmate said, "for money's sake, I may sell this company to you, but I can't give up for this brand." Birds of a feather flock together. This student's feelings for the enterprise are just like Li Chuanbao's feelings for Shengyu glass. For entrepreneurs, a painstaking business has invested too much effort. Many people have regarded the enterprise as their children and an indispensable part of their lives

if 2005 is the exploratory stage of Shengyu glass, 2006 is the expansion period of the company. Tianhe 18th, Xinyue square, urban Huating Shengyu glass can be said to be the leading place in the night show industry in 2006, which has caused a nationwide upsurge of glass art. At present, the enterprise has cooperated with China Economic and trade building and China Changfei Hotel exhibition. The art glass used in the West Tower of Guangzhou's image project is all made by Sheng Yu

beauty of nature interactive design

artistic creation should eventually return to nature. The closer to nature, the more attractive it is

- lichuanbao

the Chinese people pursue the way of nature. They are orderly, different from men and women. They follow the laws of nature and are harmonious and orderly; Scholars and men of letters secluded themselves in the countryside and returned to nature under the eastern fence. Nature is the highest realm of man and Tao

perhaps he grew up in the mountains since childhood, or he loved Chinese traditional culture. Li Chuanbao always believed that nature is the most beautiful for art. Today, with the increasing urbanization, more and more people are out of the embrace of nature, while art glass plays a role in bringing people closer to nature

although glass is a dangerous thing in the minds of ordinary people, sharp, easy to break and easy to hurt people, once tempered, variable sensor has become one of the important indicators we choose The sensors of Jinan gold testing tensile machine are made of world-famous brands, which are durable and environmentally friendly. The difference between glass and other materials is that there is no material that can be as crystal clear as glass, which is easy to save and clean. Its texture is difficult to be replaced by any material, and it can basically achieve the same effect as watercolor oil painting. Even if it is called bronze forging feeling in the industry, it can be made exactly the same with glass. Other materials are hard to make this feeling. This kind of characteristic of glass gives artistic creation便秘有什么办法通便

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