Amazon released a new region, South Korea region o

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Amazon released a new region and South Korea region was officially available

recently, Amazon announced that its latest region (reg, whose weight is 1/6ion of steel), namely the Asia Pacific (Seoul) region, was officially available. Amazon's plan to expand its business in South Korea dates back to November 2015

Seoul is the fifth region representing Amazon AWS in the Asia Pacific (APAC). It provides two available domains and EC2 instances of types T2, M4, C4, I2, D2, and R3. This area will also provide other common cloud services, including Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon dynamodb and Amazon identity and access management (IAM). Amazon has released a complete list of services offered in Seoul

Amazon opened region in Korea to respond to the urgent needs of people from the region. Amazon's CTO wernervogels explained the reasons for introducing AWS services to local users in South Korea, hoping to make use of South Korea's world-leading network bandwidth to provide their customers with fast and low-cost station access, mobile applications, games, SaaS applications, etc

among them, the game industry in South Korea is poised for the new region of Amazon. One of their companies, Nexon, currently operates 150 games in 150 countries, including the very popular game FIFA online 3 At present, Nexon uses AWS to manage their IT infrastructure, but as Vogels explained, Nexon has further plans. Now the region in Seoul is in place. Nexon not only adopts AWS for their mobile games, but also plans to adopt AWS for delay sensitive PC games. Nexon is not the only game company using AWS at present. In fact, Amazon has already made progress in this market: the top 10 game companies in South Korea are using AWS, and we look forward to continuing to support their global growth and sustained success

another subdivided area is Korean start-ups. One example is generally speaking, the popular music streaming company - packaging company, which is a company providing streaming app. It is developing rapidly, and its traffic growth is three times that of the normal level. By using AWS, the company has been able to reduce the cost per user by 97% and increase the number of users by 6 million. Through the small incentive plan that AWS can build, Amazon hopes to attract more startups in the region to start using AWS, and expects startups to benefit from the plan

through the New Seoul region, Amazon has now operated 12 global regions around the world, and plans to build new regions in Ohio (the United States) and India in 2016. In contrast, the azure cloud service provided by Microsoft has 22 regions worldwide, including 8 in the United States, 3 in India and 2 in China. Microsoft also said it plans to add its own service region in Canada, Germany and the UK


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